Zika Virus arrives in Philippines:: Infects pregnant woman in Cebu and 12 others

Zika Virus is now in the Philippines Photo courtesy: pixabay and shutterstock This world is becoming

Duterte to critics of capital punishment ‘What if there’s no God?’

Duterte is not a man to mince his words no matter who is involved. His startled

Staff member admits he paid de Lima’s driver occasionally:: Instructions given by de Lima

Staff member admits to paying that he paid de Lima’s driver occasionally. The case against Senator

No violation of rights: Yasay to UN – Will invite UN chief, EU to visit: President Duterte

There is no violation of human rights; the rule of law stands firm; Yasay Jr. Only

North Korea displays military planes. New airport to boost tourism

Everything that North Korea does draws the express attention of a million plus agencies with a

Spain investing on PH infrastructure: Special emphasis on rail projects

Spain constructed the first Railways network more than two centuries ago. Hence, not surprisingly, they still

Help! We’re endangered – 2 Come forward and assist these critically endangered species

HAWKSBILL SEA TURTLE – Critically endangered. Photo courtesy; Wikipedia The population explosion in the human race

Help! We’re endangered! Bid your farewell to these critically endangered species

Hello fellow Pinoys we are endangered This is perhaps the last appeal that you will be

Jerwin Ancajas snatches IBF Super Flyweight title Beats McJoe Arroyo in one-sided bout

Jerwin Ancajas took the world of Philippines boxing by storm after bagging the Super flyweight championship

Ama Maas, ASG leader slain in Patikul clash

In what is known as the Samal kidnapping, six of the the Abu Sayyaf bandits (ASG)

US stockpile drop, weak dollar send Oil prices soaring

Oil prices soar worldwide. Fed Reserve contributes: Interest rates unchanged Thursday brought about an upward movement

Unsafe Leila de Lima to seek legal remedies

Unsafe Leila de Lima to seek legal remedies She receives a lot of hate messages and

UN seems unable to comprehend: Ernesto Abella

The presidential Palace of the President of the Philippines, Malacanang, which had been maintaining a stoic

Kidnappings continue – 3 Malaysian fishermen kidnapped in Sabah waters

The seas in South Asia are on the boil or so it would seem by the

The hostage release drama; truly a happy ending

It was truly a happy ending for all. The Abu Sayyaf gave up its hostages to

Arbitral ruling is binding:Obama. Judgment clarifies South China Sea claims

The United States is not likely to give up its opinions, alliances and its commitments to

Short on preparation, Gilas depart for Iran:: Morale is still high: Jose Reyes.

The Gilas are on the move yet again! The upcoming Fiba Asia Challenge is due to

Bombing of Davao City: Your move, Rody!

The Bombing of Davao City by the AbuSayyaf Group, or one of its allies, has upped

Duterte insults Obama: Calls him ‘son of a whore’ White house calls off meeting

Duterte is an amazing person but he has been grossly outrageous in his language towards all,

Vice-Mayor arrested for Davao blast: Apprehended while trying to fly out

In the devastating blast that rocked Davao City, the needle of suspicion is pointing towards Abdul

Duterte last resort for Veloso: Duped into carrying drugs

Mary Jane Veloso, is a 31 year old Filipino woman whose life is hanging by a

Filipinos celebrate Golden Bear for Lav Diaz and Humayo

The awards functions the world over are a source of great fanfare for all and massive

Japan Tax row to be resolved soon

Official aid projects of japan. It may sound surprising but to some but even at the

Kidnappings continue: 3 Malaysian fishermen in Sabah waters kidnapped

  3 Malaysian fishermen in Sabah waters kidnapped The seas in South Asia are on the