300,000 Pinoys threatened with deportation. It’s a domestic matter of the US: Yasay. The government will do all that it can.

Deportation staring immigrants in the face.

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The election to the President’s post in the United States has changed the perceptions of many. This newly elected President is as mean as they can get; right from his radical thinking to his utterances.

Donald Trump reminds me of Raj Thackeray in Mumbai who starts bashing immigrants from other states in India.

This election also brought out the public thinking in America which is at a new low. Except some Red Indians, all others are immigrants. Moreover, hounding people on the basis of ethnicity is a brand new state policy here.

They touted Uncle Sam as a land of opportunities; however, it may not be the same anymore. The new broom always claims to be unique; so also is the case with Donald Trump. The tycoon in him looks down on the poorer relatives from up there.

Now, it so emerges that more than 300,000 Filipinos are likely to face the music due to new immigration laws. Perfecto Yasay Jr. the Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Philippines made this announcement.

While it is an internal policy decision of the United States government, Yasay indicated that the Philippines cannot interfere. Still, the President of the Philippines may take it up with the US President at a later date, he said.

He was discussing the issue on News to Go a news channel of the GMA network.

But, he continued, when any decision affects the Filipino people, we are bound to be concerned. Consequently, we will have to react and take appropriate steps to assist our people.

The implementation of rules that affect Filipinos may require us to provide assistance to the. Mostly, this will be in the form of legal help since justice should prevail for all.

We will assist them as per their requirements so that we defend their right to remain in the US. The government of the Philippines will do all it can to ensure that Principles of Natural Justice prevail.

The US – Philippines relations are undergoing a testing time since the Obama administration criticized the war on drugs. They made baseless claims that human rights abuses had taken place in the war on drugs.

This prompted the mercurial Duterte to launch scathing attacks on the US and moving closer to China. However, things are slightly different with Trump acknowledging the difficulties that the Philippines face due to drugs.

In fact, Trump praised the efforts of the Filipino President in his bid to cleanse the lives of the Pinoys.

Consequently, the two heads of state see eye to eye on almost all matters and have a promising relationship.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Wednesday, 08 March 2017