Top 10 golf courses – In the world


All the golf courses are a treat to watch; the lovely, thickly wooded landscaped ambience is enough to lure you to make a visit to the serene surroundings.

They are the haven where the rich and the famous rub shoulders with other rich and famous and are looked after like no other properties are.  Millions are spent each year on the upkeep and greenery of each one of them.

Like all other rankings, no system or the parameters adopted can ever be conclusive or acceptable universally, there are bound to be differences of opinion and disagreements on the subject.

So, every authoritative agency, be it golf websites, newspaper sites or individual club or resort sites needs to take a conscious decision to decide which system is acceptable to the most number of people.

The normal criterion and factors taking into consideration while ranking the top golf courses of the world; the panel who contribute their opinions comprises of top players current and past who follow a system of scoring provided by the organizers of this poll.

Most of them have to play on the course if they have no already done it or if they wish to assess it anew. The following are the yardsticks normally considered:

1.      The value of shots

This yardstick is adopted to make a minute assessment with a view to ascertain whether the length and the par scores for each individual hole are justified and the accuracy required.

2.      Resistance to scoring

Here the difficulty level for each hole is evaluated. This containstheslopes, the hazards, the curvatures etc,

3.        Variety

Here the distribution of variety, the detailed features of the topography for each hole is evaluated. This includes shapes of the greens, the placement of the hazards like sand pits, the water bodies and the contouring and shaping of the greens.

  4.     Memorability

This yardstick is very vital for qualifying the golf course as a rare course, a balanced course or a undecipherable one.  The basic qualities which a golf course is required to have are:

  1. It should provide an all-round experience to the players competing for the honors; this means that all holes should provide a variety of experiences, difficulty levels, hazards. In effect they should all be different in what hey offer, and
  2. The transition offered by them should be so artfully arranged that the transition from one hole to the next does not have a jarring effect; it should be more like a slideshow with a sense of continuity.

5.      Aesthetics

While assessing the golf courses it is also necessary to ascertain the level of enjoyment that the beautiful scenery and the settings provide to a player as well as the visitors.

6.     Conditioning

What resistance the greens and the fairways provide to the moving ball is an important factor for each golfer since that can be the difference between the success or failure of a putt.


7.      Ambience

    The overall ambience of the golf course and the feel of the surroundings provide a conducive atmosphere for the noble game of golf and its supporters.

A complex system is adopted to arrive at the final ranking among the final top 100 candidate golf courses.

Top 10


Royal County Down.
Northern Ireland / 7,186 yards, Par 71

The presence of a bay to one side, mountains on another side and lovely golden dunes lend a beautiful ambience to this Tom Morris designed masterpiece of a golf course which is rated as No.1.

Augusta National
Augusta, Ga., U.S.A. / 7,435 yards, Par 72

Augusta National,  has been frequent modifications with the aim of keeping it competitive for the annual Masters Tournament since 1934; a series of master craftsmen / golfers are responsible for its being No. 2.

Pine Valley
Pine Valley, N.J., U.S.A. / 7,057 yards, Par 70

The pine and the sand give this course a unique ambience; founded by George Crump.

Cypress Point Club
Pebble Beach, Calif., U.S.A. / 6,524 yards, Par 72

Known also as the Sistine Chapel of golf it is a lovely combination of sand dunes, cypress trees and the coastline.

Royal Dornoch
Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland / 6,704 yards, Par 70

Referred to as the most natural golf course by it saw the childhood of Donald Ross who was born and trained here.  It is known for its high winds.

Royal Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / 6,643 yards, Par 72

This 1926 masterpiece by Alister MacKenzie, remains a popular golfing clubs since you need to adopt proper angles forgetting the distances.

Shinnecock Hills
Southampton, N.Y., U.S.A. / 7,041 yards, Par 70

One of the oldest golf course in America, it has undergone renovations and alterations.

St. Andrews Links
St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland / 7,279 yards, Par 72

It is considered a warehouse of the features which every golf club adopts built later borrowed subsequently.

Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland / 7,209 yards, Par 71

Muirfield is well-known as a down to earth golf course; it boasts of a blind 11th but all other holes are visible. The front nine are arranged clockwise while the back nine are counter clockwise.

Ardmore, Pa., U.S.A. / 6,886 yards, Par 70

Considered as the best and most compact one in America; it is a challenging course requiring perfect control.

Author: Umrao Singh