Cosmetics banned in Europe – Flourishing in Philippines



The huge trade in illegal drugs and the sale of drugs and products banned in the Philippines has been a perennial source of national concern for the Filipinos both at home and abroad. While the problem might be related to socio-economic factors the reputation of the Pinoys takes a severe beating with this issue.

So, it is very essential to ensure that you do not fall prey to the designs of these unscrupulous elements that will not allow any feelings of national pride or humanitarian considerations to dissuade them from manipulating ordinary human beings and make a fast buck.

In fact, the student community and the campuses are also not spared by these worthies. From ordinary skin lotions to marijuana and a variety of other illegal drugs are all part of the illegal trade.

A lot many of the smugglers have even been executed all over the world in this nefarious business that has caused the efforts of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to be ineffective in dealing with the menace.

The public is warned against using the products before checking the antecedents of the product and its authenticity; even moisturizers and skin creams are not spared.

Watchdog groups and NGOs are issuing repeated warnings about various harmful banned substances which are being used with disdain; foremost among them are cosmetics which contain many harmful substances including Isobutylparaben.

Market monitoring agencies including ECOWASTE have been continuously issuing warnings while assisting the Food and Drugs Administration in their drive against such banned drugs in cosmetics.

The drive uncovered 14 popular products with banned substances; Parabens are used to replicate estrogens which lead to many complications including reproductive problems due to toxicity and disruptions and endocrinal malfunctions.

A majority of the objectionable products had come from UK where they are banned as per European Union guidelines; it would seem that the Philippines is seen as a soft market for banned and illegal drugs and products that the EU and UK won’t allow.

All popular cosmetic products that are easily sold in the market are:

  1. Moisturizers,
  2. On the spot treatments,
  3. Aloe Vera products,
  4. Deep penetrating creams, and
  5. Other creams and lotions.

Author: Umrao Singh