Filipinos celebrate Golden Bear for Lav Diaz and Humayo


The awards functions the world over are a source of great fanfare for all and massive heartbreaks for many.
But, among the din of applause and the blinding flashes of cameras, there are certain moments that are typically rare. It is most unfortunate if the professionals behind the cameras falter and fail to immortalize them by capturing them while they are still being enacted.
It is this act of catching them in the act that is a source of joy and recognition for a master photographer.
And, it was just such a moment that the cameras did not miss this Saturday at the that was conducted in Italy; the unforgettable sight of a weeping John Lloyd Cruz sobbing and crying his heart out in the background of the din of the huge applause that Lav Diaz was receiving along with the Golden lion.
The sound of his weeping was drowned by the thunderous ovation that accompanied the speech by Lav but not the sentiments which he expressed later; the weeping only added to the din created by the applause.
The lead actor the film that was awarded, John was simply heat a tidal wave of emotions at the immense historical significance of the scene that was unfolding right in front of his eyes; he did not know the exact reason for his getting overwhelmed except that the speech of the speech of the great Director.
John Lloyd Cruz getting overwhelmed was just not a surprising thing for people in the know of things since this here was the oldest awards function and the Golden Bear and the award just given out was the top of the rung in this world of awards.
He went on to add that the speech just delivered was one to be cherished because it was for all the Pinoys who had seen the worst struggles of this world and the multitudes who are still undergoing the hardships.
He went on the explain that this particular moment of victory spoke volumes of the role of Lav Diaz in our film-making and while also reflecting the realities that the Filipino film industry was facing.
He was also overwhelmed since the realized that he was also a part of that important episode of history and was watching it live.
For him, it was a veritable privilege.
John is a box-office celebrity himself, he always wantedto work in a film that had Lav Diaz as a filmmaker. However, that was in a previous interview some time ago.
He claimed that, if he did not work in a production by Lav, his career will never be considered complete.
These wishes were not just off the cuff remarks from a budding actor. They came when John was a acknowledged performer and was fresh from the filming of the Hele sa Hiwang hapis.
That movie was a magnificent success later. It won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize for the historical epic which ran for over eight hours.
This award was in February at the Berlinale, the berlin International film festival that gives out Golden Bears and Silver Bears; and now, he has expressed another desire to act in another Lav Diaz directed but wanted that film to be enacted with the Philippines.
These very same sentiments were foremost when he immediately accepted a role offered in Humayo without considering whether the role is tough, complex and challenging.
Humayo is an off-beat experimental movie which on alternative sex and transgender exploitation; in this amazing movie, he plays the role of a transgender who is also epileptic and has been subjected to physical abuse by an exploitative benefactor.
This movie was a smash hit and he and Santos were both expecting awards apart from the accolades and applause; though this film was a far cry from the romantic comedies through which John Lloyd gained fame, this movie propelled him to instant stardom in which his fair hair also played a vital part.
Critics were amazed that Santos did not end up winning the Golden Bear; Guy Lodge who is a variety critic and opined in his tweet that, instead of Emma stone who won the Golden Bear for her musical by Damien Chazelle, La La Land, it should have been Santos who walked away with the top honors for her role in Humayo.
He even opined that with the massive buzz that was around for the Oscar for Diaz but, this time around, Humayo was a sure-shot for the upcoming Academy Awards.
The large list of people who gathered around Diaz and his two actors included the likes of Chiara Mastroianni, Nina Hoss, and Joshua Oppenheimer, one of the jurors at Venice.
Even the P{resident of the Jury at the Venice Film Festival, Sam Mendis took time off to come over and chat with Santos; he is himself an Oscar winning filmmaker of repute.
Santos seems to be very well liked because she also to observe the Oscar winning leading lady Natalie Portman on the red carpet
It was amazing to see both Santos and Cruz being pampered and accosted by paparazzi while at the Lido, they were given the treatment normally reserved for the A-listed celebrities.
The stars from the Filipino films were also made the subject of a Kodak moment when they broke ranks from the celebrities and along with it the protocol, to walk down to the barrier and greet the gathering of Filipino fans there, one of whom gave Cruz a handmade poster.
Reminiscing on the experiences at Venice, Cruz recalled that this visit had exhorted him to strive and achieve higher goals. The aim is to see a united Filipino cinema and nurturing amazing new talent.
Cruz celebrates his phenomenal success in films but believes in the emotional impact that the cinema has on its audiences.
It also affects common people and helps them to cope with the problems in their day to day life.
Diaz was, however, headed for an eight-month stay in Boston. He is there for the Radcliffe Fellowship which keeps him there till May 2017.
Meanwhile, news is that Humayo is making its debut in Philippines on 28th September; till then, hold your horses, my friends.
Umrao singh

Friday, 16 September 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson