De Lima probe getting hotter Speaker likely to press contempt charges :: Dayan to be invited

Senator de Lima probe is entering the final phases.

The house Speaker of the Philippines Pantaleon Alvarez had his say in the matter of the house order that had been issued against Senator Leila de Lima.

He not only put up a stolid defense on why the house asked for her explanation on why she prevented her driver and former lover, Ronnie Dayan to come forward and explain about her links to the illegal trade in drugs that both of them are accused of.

He also went on to accuse her of having interfered with the matters of the house; this was in response to the extension of courtesies due to a member of the house; he also confirmed that he concurred with the Chairman of the house justice committee on the issue of the show-cause order.

Senator de Lima is bound to reply or be held in contempt if she fails to comply, he opined; her appearance in the House of Representatives was compulsory to avoid contempt proceedings.

Ronnie Dayan had been subpoenaed but failed to turn up in the house; consequently, he was arrested in contempt for not complying with the show-cause order. The guns were trained on de Lima since Dayan’s daughter produced a Viber message directing Dayan not to appear in the house. She had claimed on Thursday that the message was from Sen. de Lima.

Thus, she was responsible for obstructing a matter of the house, Alvarez said; this contention was also supported by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguire who suggested that de Lima was responsible for obstruction of justice while also committing adultery with a married man for seven years.

He also suggested that de Lima should first be charged with contempt by his department before further proceedings for drug related offenses were pressed against her; she may also be debarred by the Supreme Court for these immoral offenses, he stated since she had publicly admitted to the affair.

While denying that he had received any drug money from the New Bilibid Prison inmates, Dayan had admitted to receiving cash from drug lord Kerwin Espinosa.

The whole imbroglio started with Sen. de Lima initiating proceedings against the war on drugs and president Duterte then accusing her of involvement in the drug trade.

With references to the admissions of Dayan, Alvarez confirmed that it was established that de Lima received money from Dayan.

Senator Panfilo Lacson’s proposal to invite Dayan to corroborate the statement of Espinosa and other facts; he heads the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous drugs. This committee is investigating the circumstances that led to the death of Kerwin Espinosa’s father’s death.

Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Saturday, 26 November 2016