McGregor gives up UFC featherweight title :: Will await first child’s birth till may 2017

McGregor to rest till May 2017.

PICS: wikipedia

PICS: wikipedia

The happiness of Conor McGregor, an acknowledged name in the sport of mixed martial Arts, at being the champion of both the divisions came to an end as indicated by Fox Sports. It was a singular distinction that the Mixed Martial Arts proponent enjoyed.

As per the version given out by Fox Sports, there was an urgent need to host a last-minute fixture since the December 10 that was to take place between Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier who dropped out of his light heavyweight bout.

To fill up this gap, it was decided that another event within a short notice; McGregor could not commit himself at such short notice and decided to relinquish his UFC Featherweight Title.

Now, it has been decided that the UFC is arranging a bout between Anthony Petit and max Holloway for the featherweight category title for the UFC 206 main event.

The happenings have caused an alteration in the order of the rankings and, till the choice of a permanent Champion that will be decided in the year 2017, the title will be conferred on an interim basis on the winner of the Petit – Holloway bout.

Meanwhile, UFC considers that Jose Aldo, who was the winner of an interim title in UFC 200 against Frankie Edgar, is to be considered as the champion for this weight group.
It is now known that McGregor’s wife is expecting a child and decided to give up one of his two titles since he wishes to be available for the birth of his first child.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by Dana White of UFC, this long break may see McGregor having to surrender one of his belts since the break was quite long; that was probably the reason why MCGregor did not hesitate while giving up his featherweight title.
The other title was annexed by McGregor, an Irishman, just about a fortnight ago which the 28-year holder of two titles won in UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 13th.