Premeditated murder: NBI and Senate. Lies about timelines deliberate.

Murder predetermined.

Attempt to hide that murder was preplanned.

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The house committee’s ongoing enquiry to probe the death of war lord Espinosa is concluded. The head of the committee Senator Panfilo Lacson declared the proceedings closed.

Rolando Espinosa, Mayor of Albuera was done to death on November 5 by a CIDG team. He is the father of Kerwin Espinosa, the self-professed drug lord involved in the Bilibid Prison drugs supplies.

Overall, he suggested that his conclusions may not be very different from those that were brought out by the NBI. The murder was committed by a team from Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Region 8 (CIDG-8).

Investigations by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) established that the premeditated nature of the murder. Lacson mentioned that unearthing of fresh evidence had made him conclude that premeditation was no more in doubt.

The basis of their conclusions was different.

Panfilo Lacson headed the Committtee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs in the Senate which probed the killing. He did admit that the NBI conducted a more thorough investigation and their findings were more comprehensive and professional.

Consequently, the NBI had charged Marvin Marcos, Supdt. CIDG-8 and 20 of his men involved in the murder. That the incident was not a shootout as claimed by the killers, but a rubout is proved by the committee.

The incident

The victim Rolando Espinosa, Mayor of Albuera was lodged in the Leyte Sub-provincial Jail in Baybay. The CIDG-8 team led by Supdt Marvin Marcos took the pretext of searching for firearms to gain entry.

The victim was killed in cold blood since he put up a fight to save his life. Chief Insp. Leo Laraga owned up during the enquiry that he himself shot Espinosa.

An executive session was organized last Wednesday to discuss and finalize the findings. All concerned officials and Justice Secretary Aguirre attended to give shape the final report.

The motives and the reasoning came up for brainstorming after discussing threadbare. It emerged that some o the killers were on the payroll of the son, Kerwin Espinosa, a drug lord.

In this meeting new insights came up regarding the motives since all the angles and possibilities came up for consideration. The drug lord, Kerwin Espinosa had surmised that his connection might have been the reason for the deliberate assassination.

Lacson also mentioned that they had unearthed more on the aspect of motives but did not clarify what it was. There had been a new twist regarding the time of the attack by the team.

The CCTV footage showed that the time of entry was 03:05 AM on November which was factually incorrect. It came to light only after the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) submitted the CCTV recordings.

While Marcos had mentioned the time of entry as 04:30 AM, it was not supported by the CCTV footage. The other members of the team revealed that they had come at the appointed time of 03:49.

The fact that Marcos had lied about the time of entry spoke volumes. It revealed that he did not want the investigators to learn the correct time of entry.

By revealing the time of their assembling at the jail, the team members revealed that the attack was preplanned. The differing statements of the Scene of the Crime participants clinched the evidence for the investigators.

As a matter of fact, the wrong deposition of the leader Marcos was another clincher to the ulterior motives of the attackers. Marvin Marcos had corrected his wrong statement earlier.

The malevolence of the statement was a deliberate attempt to mislead the investigators.

First of all, the earlier reports of the missing CCTV footage were the reason for his lie. The missing CCTV footage was a fact on the day of the killing. Even in the missing of the CCTV footage, the needle of suspicion was on the CIDG-8 team.

They were the only ones who stood to benefit from the tapes going missing. It was a vital part of the evidence that nailed the lie about the premeditation.

The complaint of the NBI against the culprits is likely to be fast tracked by the Department so that they can conclude it early.
The Secretary Justice Vitaliano Aguire II promised to expedite the trial.

The next hearing is on Tuesday, December 20.

The report of his committee would be put up to the Senate next month, Lacson concluded.

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Monday, December 19, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson