P90-M Cocaine found by fishermen in Tiwi waters :: 18 bricks valued at P5 million each.

Cocaine discovered in Tiwi waters.

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

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Contrary to popular belief, the war on drugs will need to resort to out-thinking the drug runners. There are a million places where you may store the illegal drugs that you sell.

In addition to this, there are a million ways of preserving the goods while they are remaining unsold.

It is noteworthy that, when you need to store it in the water, there are two vital precautions required:

1. Make the holder / container water tight, and
2. Ensure that some passerby does not find it even by mistake.

Because, in such an eventuality, you will lose the investments that you had made. Or, you will have to repay the drug lord and compensate him for the losses that he undergoes.

Furthermore, if that happens somehow, your investment is a dead loss.

This is exactly what happened on Sunday. Fishermen were working in the waters near the shores off the town of Tiwi in Albay Province. To their frightened surprise, they chanced upon a fortune worth of illegal drugs concealed in the waters.

In a drug haul of Cocaine that cost about P90 million, they discovered 18 bricks. Each brick cost P5 million bringing the overall cost of the consignment to P90 million.

The police officials announced this formally on Monday.

The information officer of the Albay Police Chief Insp. Arthur Gomez made the vital announcement about the finding of the illegal drugs.

Fishermen Manuel Comota and Razel Bragaisat chanced upon the consignment at about 10:30 AM on Sunday. The Cocaine was kept wrapped up in fishing net and concealed in the waters of Barangay Sugod in Tiwi.

Packaging tape secured the bricks. It was then wrapped inside a rubber bag and plastic covering. The bag also had some moss and barnacles, he explained.

Gomez suspected that the Cocaine found in Tiwi could be part of a consignment they recovered in 2009 in Samar Province.

It seems that a Chinese gang had thrown 1500 Kilos of illegal drugs into the sea to avoid being apprehended in Samar. This could be part of that.

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Umrao singh
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson