Abu Sayyaf approach families of hostages. Attempt to collect Ransom directly. P100 million demanded.

Abu Sayyaf demands ransom.

PICS Courtesy: Inquirer.net

PICS Courtesy: Inquirer.net

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The Abu Sayyaf may boast that they are invincible but they are very careful too. They may play cat and mouse with the likes of President Rodrigo Duterte because of the power they wield.

But they came up recently with a brainwave to get what they wanted without crossing swords with Duterte. Hence, they developed a new strategy to demand ransom only from the close relatives of the kidnapped.

Consequently, the demand for a ransom did not go through the regular channels. The bandits demanded a ransom amounting to roughly P 100 million or about 8.8 million Malaysian Ringgits.

The demand is for the five Malaysian seamen who the Abu Sayyaf hold hostage for more than 5 months.

In other words, the attempt is to play on the sentiments of the relatives to get the ransom money. Therefore, the captives remain in custody in the Sulu region.

The Abu Sayyaf abducted them from the Dent Haven in Sabah on the 19th of July. The hostages are:

1. Abdul Rahim Bin Summas, 62,
2. Tayudin Anjut, 45,
3. Fandy Bin Bakran, 26,
4. Mohammad Ridzuan Bin Ismail, 32 and
5. Zulkipli Bin Ali.

The bandits hold the victims of the Tugboat Serudung 3 at an undisclosed location. Now, their attempts at direct extortion have come to the notice of the authorities here through media reports.

The Abu Sayyaf contacts the family members or the employers of the victims for the ransom money. They preferred to avoid any sort of mediation while collecting ransom payments because it saves time.

When questioned, the Philippines Army could only express ignorance about the ransom demand. Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom) spokesman Maj. Filemon Tan Jr. informed that efforts to find the hostages continued.

Therefore, The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) could not authoritatively confirm of deny the veracity of the news reports.

Moreover, Tan clarified that Malaysians are not the only hostages the AbuSayyaf holds. Besides, they still hold a South Korean, a German, a Dutch, six Vietnamese, four Indonesians and five locals.

Attempts are on to locate the hostages, Tan said.

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Umrao singh
Friday, December 23, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson