Martial Law: Robredo rebukes Duterte. Filipinos have always stood for freedom. Memories of the suffering under Marcos still linger.

Martial Law dreams.

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The President of the Philippines has two main detractors, both women. They keep waiting for him to say something; and they pounce, tearing his utterances to smithereens.

The amusing aspect of all this tearing and gnawing is that Duterte is a habitual offender. He shoots his mouth off and gets clawed and mauled.
And, he keeps at it.

While Senator Leila de Lima called him a madman from whom the nation needs protection, Robredo was less personal.

The other detractor, Vice President immediately took up cudgels and declared her intention to wage a battle against martial law. She attacked him for wishing that he had the powers to impose martial law.

Furthermore, he desired that neither Congress nor the Supreme Court be able to restrain him. But, wishes are not horses!

In addition, Robredo also declared that they would not remain mute spectators to any such initiative by the President. At the same time, she expressed dismay at the words of the President.

As a matter of fact, she labeled the comments as the worst Christmas gift to the Filipino people. At this point, she made an impassioned appeal to the masses to express resentment at his expressed desires.

By this statement, Duterte threatened the very establishment of democracy, she continued. The Filipino people always stood and fought for the truth and freedom, she said.

She rebuked the President for referring to the 1987 Constitution and mentioning the possibility of Martial law. The previous occasion of the imposition of Martial Law is still a painful memory for the Philippines, she said.

Leni Robredo, emerged victorious in the race for the Vice president’s post in May trouncing Bong Bong Marcos.

However, on receiving non-cooperation from the President, she gave up her Cabinet post. She is now the leader of the opposition in the house.

Above all, she sees this expressed desire as a real challenge to the Constitution which he swore to protect.

In conclusion, she exhorted her countrymen to remain alert and prevent any such aspirations to curtail their freedom.

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Umrao singh
Saturday, December 24, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson