Gang war in Brazil prison kills 60. Inmates burnt alive, decapitated. Control of drugs behind the gang wars.

Prison carnage.

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The gang wars in jails are famous around the world for their brutality and ferocious intensity. But, this one was too cruel by all standards. The New Year brought misery and sorrow to more than a hundred families.

Rioting that started as a fight between two rival gangs claimed at least 60 lives in a riot that started on Sunday. Furthermore, the clash lasted more than 18 hours according to officials.

The venue of this carnage was the Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex located in Manaus, Amazonia state, Brazil. Sergio Fontes, State security Secretary informed that the rioting continued overnight.

Fontes said that this was the worst incident to take place in the state of Amazonia. In the Latin America, this incident ranked fifth over the last decade, he said.

The violence was of a very brutal scale with many people burnt beyond recognition. The prison authorities piled up dead bodies and body parts in carts in the prison yard.

While the violence continued, it also permitted the escape of nearly 90 inmates who took advantage of the commotion. The state authorities seemed to be inefficient since they discovered 16 tunnels dug up in the premises.

The biggest manhunt is on in the surrounding states to trace the escaped jailbirds. The police had already recaptured more than half of them. The authorities are still taking stock of the situation and are still to reveal the figures.

The relatives of the inmates were a worried lot as they waited at the prison gates for news of their family members.
The rioting inmates took 12 prison guards hostage; police freed them on Monday morning.

The culprits

The local gang, family of the north (FDN) had probably initiated the violence to teach their rival gang a lesson. The First Capital Command (PCC) another gang from the Southeast is one of the largest gangs of Brazil.

The authorities held negotiations with the inmates but no demands were forthcoming.

They concluded that dominance was the aim of this carnage.

In conclusion, it is drugs that are the reason for drug gangs taking a hold on the prisons in Brazil.
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Umrao singh
Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson