Jack Lam permitted to return. Three conditions stipulated by Duterte. Bribe money being recovered.

Jack Lam to return.

PICS: Freeimages.com and Wikipedia

PICS: Freeimages.com and Wikipedia

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President Duterte seems to have had a rethink on the sudden action which he had initiated against the Chinese Casino mogul Jack Lam. He has even permitted Lam to return to the Philippines to continue his various businesses here.

The President had earlier ordered his arrest and had caused closure of his Clark Field business since it was illegal. But, the terms of his return are clear and Jack Lam will need to comply with them strictly.

Secretary Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II that the President had specified three conditions for his return.

The first condition requires him to settle the taxation on his online transactions from overseas gamblers. These pertain to the Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino where a deficiency existed between the online earnings from foreign investors.

Furthermore, Lam was required to register with and procure a license from Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR). This would legalize his operations and allow him to operate without any restraints. In addition, he must pay correctly the taxes that accrued for both indigenous and foreign players.

Finally, Lam must provide a guarantee to refrain from attempts to bribe officials in future. He had reportedly bribed officials of the Bureau of immigration to secure the release of 1316 illegal Chinese workers.

It seems that a bribe of P 50 million exchanged hands to secure the release of those Chinese illegal immigrants. The matter is under investigation and the concerned officials are likely to surrender the amounts they received.

The Justice Secretary ordered Jaime Morente Immigration Commissioner to turn over a P20 million bribe. Two former officials gave the bribe to Morente while admitting receiving a P50 million bribe from gambling tycoon Jack Lam.

The President had allowed the reversal of his earlier orders permitting Fontana to return to its normal operations. The order of the palace had caused the retrenchment of about 2000 local employees too.

These orders did not apply to the gambling business of Jack Lam till he complied with the three conditions.

Erstwhile Deputy Commissioners Michael Robles and Al Argosino earlier surrendered P30 million out of the P50 million.

The Chief of the Bureau of Immigration Charles Calima was sacked along with his Intelligence assistant for receiving P18 million.

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Umrao singh
Wednesday, January 04, 2017
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson