The Silent Majority (TSM) exhorts Velasco to inhibit. Proximity of Velasco’s son a worrying factor. No concrete reason for doubts.

Dignity and integrity of Velasco  on test.

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When you are in a position of responsibility, it is sometimes very difficult to match certain aspects of your functioning. A very thin line compounds this aspect when certain tough decisions are required.
Someone else has to remind you to decide the difference between the decisions that are the best option.
Consequently, an online forum prompted Justice Presbitero Velasco to take the right course of action. They do not want the Supreme Court Justice to associate with the initiative Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
They pointed out that Justice Velasco’s son was quite close to Marcos and the President. Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco, kept flaunting the same.
It was just a gentle reminder of Velasco’s delicate position as a Supreme Court so that his decision is rational. The Silent majority (TSM) want Velasco to take an impartial, considered stand.
TSM’s founder Jozy Acosta-Nisperos stated that his group wanted an unbiased or uninfluenced action from him.
The worry
Nisperos said that their only concern was that the administration of justice should be unbiased and just. There should be no charges of impropriety or a feeling of lack of integrity in the course adopted.
Any accusations of this nature would make the judgment questionable.
However, Nisperos could only show proof of this proximity without attributing known intent to be partial.
In effect, it was only a suggestion and not based on any statements or solid stances.
The TSM founder produced photos from Facebook of Lord Allan Jay Velasco spending Christmas Eve with the President’s family. He also produced photos from Twitter showing Lord Allan’s wife dining with the President and Marcos Jr.
However, it only proves proximity which is not objectionable per se.
Furthermore, Lord Allan’s wife founded Pilipinong May Puso Foundation in the Duterte’s mother’s name.
Unfounded concerns?
Nisperos based his worries on the photos which showed the closeness of the President and Marcos with the family of Justice Velasco. But, he could not back up hid worries with any solid facts.
The President’s statements and actions in the recent past showed his preference of Marcos as his Vice-President. But, whether this will influence Justice Velasco is only a matter of speculation.
Justice Velasco, who will retire in August 2018, is a respected Judge of the Supreme Court. Lorna, his wife is the Mayor of the town of Torrijos Marinduque province while his daughter is also a representative.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Friday, 06 January 2017