Police forces rejoin the war on drugs. About 30 criminals killed in one day. Drive against illegal drugs and gun-running.

Drive against drugs and guns.

PICS courtesy: Freeimages.com

PICS courtesy: Freeimages.com

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The police forces are in the thick of the action to rid the nation of criminals, terrorists and gun runners. Hence, Tuesday turned out to be a day that took a toll of nearly 30 people at the hands of the police forces.

With this, the keepers of the law signaled their gory return to the continuing war on drugs. The dead included 8 suspected criminals in separate skirmishes in a province in Northern Philippines.

21 others also perished in a crackdown by the PNP as part of President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs. Part of the action was also a part of a drive against possession of illegal or unlicensed arms.

More than 7000 people perished in the war against in the past seven months since President Duterte took over. The action took place in the northern province of Bulacan as per The Police Senior Superintendent Romeo M. Caramat Jr.

The killings and arrests were part of 19 raids that the police conducted to check illegal guns and drugs. Many of the culprits had opened fire on the police personnel taking part in the drive.

It emerged that almost all of them had links to illegal sale or distribution of drugs or guns. Perturbed over the large number of deaths at the hands of the police, President Duterte had banned the police from associating themselves with the war on drugs.

There was also the case of the killing of a South Korean businessman in an apparent frame-up. It was a bid to extort money from the businessman that led to his slaying. Moreover, the involvement of antinarcotics officials was the last straw.

In addition, this incident revealed the extent of extortion and illegal activities of the police and other enforcement officials. In addition, the lack of policing resulted in a considerable heightening of the illegal activities and crime.

Therefore, the PNP chief Ronald de la Rosa announced Monday that the police were returning to the war on drugs. The PNP was re-channeling and re-drafting their powers to ensure that there was no misuse.

The PNP has about 170,000 personnel and some were inclined to misuse their official powers.

But, we cannot let the war on illegal drugs go slack now. It was much too important to give it up after so much had happened.

It is the future of our next generations that worries us, he concluded.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Tuesday, 07 March 2017