AFP and police nab Maute Bomb maker. Jadid Maute posed as fake student of Mindanao State University. Capability of terrorists significantly eroded: AFP.

Bomb maker nabbed.

Pics: AFP and

Pics: AFP and

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The battle to regain control over the siege of Marawi is getting more and more tactical and psychological. It is not just a matter of dislodging the entrenched Islamists; routing them is necessary to avoid recurring attacks.

In their pursuit to cripple the terrorists, the AFP seeks to cut off the supply lines of the terror groups.
Moreover, their communication and support sources need neutralization. Only then is there a strong possibility of achieving long term success in their fight against terror.

In their attempt to put down the spread of terrorism in the Philippines, the AFP tasted success. Malacanang made this announcement on Friday the arrest of an important link in the infrastructure of the terrorists.

This vital link is a Maute bomb maker Mohammad Noaim Maute, alias Abu Jadid. The arrest took place at Barangay (village) Macasandig in the early morning on Thursday.

This, according to Malacanang, was a positive development in the war against terrorism.

The PNP reported that Abu Jadid evaded the police by using a fake ID. He passed through checkpoints by posing as a student. The false identity was in the name of Alfaiz Mamintal of the Mindanao State University.

Jadid was a relative of the notorious Maute brothers who are controlling the siege on Marawi town.

Ernesto Abella, Presidential Spokesperson hailed this success in a Malacanang briefing. It was a positive step towards ensuring peace in Mindanao by eradicating the anti national forces, Abella claimed.

Death toll

The death toll among the militants had crossed 225 by the evening of 15th June with 59 security personnel dead.
Thus, the AFP and the Police have made inroads into the militants’ striking capabilities.

Brig. Gen. Resituto Padilla, spokesperson of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, praised the soldiers for eroding firepower of terrorists.

Therefore, the Maute failed in their evil designs. They came here to wreak havoc, spread mayhem; they also conducted kidnappings and killed people.

They burned houses, schools and displaced people.

But, our troops and police personnel succeeded in degrading their capabilities through their heroic gallantry, Padilla said.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Friday, June 16, 2017