Anne Curtis Wins Major Hollywood Award; First Time in History

11/17/2014 – Hollywood, California

The success of Blood Ransom is truly unimaginable. After receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in Leading Role, Filipino-Australian actress Anne Curtis bags another major Hollywood Award by winning the Razzie Award for Best Vampire.

This is the first time that Golden Raspberry Award gives the “best” award instead of its “worst” award tradition.

anne_curtis_razzie_academy_awardAnne Curtis is the first ever actress in Hollywood to win a Razzie Award and at the same time being nominated for Academy Award in a single film.

“No American actor has done this feat before and Anne is really making a history for herself”, Dickey Fart, committee chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, told reports Friday morning.

Golden Raspberry Award is an annual film awarding ceremony dedicated to Films and Actors who performs beyond imagination, opposite to Academy Award (Oscar), and Golden Globe Awards.

“Winning a Razzie Award is like a dream come true and a life time achievement. Ms. Curtis is very lucky to be a part of this film festival and has established herself as one of the next wave of A-list actors”, the committee chairman said.

Anne Curtis is really making a history not only for herself but also for her fans. This is also the first time in history that the Annual Razzie Award is held several months before the Academy Awards. There was no “Best Vampire” category before and since Anne really performed well, the committee created a special category and she is really fortunate to be the first ever winner.

Blood Ransom” is still airing on theaters and has already surpassed its closest box office rival “Interstellar” on its second week of showing. “Blood Ransom” is still dominating the North American box office and is expected to gross more than $780M at the end of its 2-week air time schedule.

/Fanny Jalacjac/ Assisted Press California

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