Is Arum shielding Pacquiao from Crawford? Pacquiao’s fights being kept outside the US. Boxing circles question Horn’s worthiness.

Crawford denies demanding $7 million.

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There was a lot of fanfare that we see associated with an announcement of a bout in the big league. The media splashes literally and liberally big names like legendary promoter Arum and Mohammad Ali.
The champions of the media sharpen their pens and their writing prowess and seek to outdo each other. But, controversy is never far away from money. It also has amusing anecdotes floating around the world.
Here comes a clarification from Terence Crawford the WBO world light welterweight champion who remains unbeaten. He clarified that he never asked for $7 million for a matchup with Manny Pacquiao.
Now, there are two possibilities to this loaded and controversial declaration whichever way you see it. Either Terence is lying for reasons best known to him, or he is telling the truth.
If he is lying, there are distinct possibilities that he is annoyed at losing out of the lucrative and much awaited fight. Both Crawford and many are big draws with a massive potential and the dream of any promoter anywhere.
Another possibility is that Terence wanted to have a go at Pacquiao sooner than later to decide the pecking order.
On the other hand, Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs) might just be telling the truth since boxers do not generally lie. They talk straight from their shoulders and think later.
Furthermore, if there is any iota of truth in his assertion then someone else is concealing the truth or lying.
To my mind, there are quite a few reasons why Crawford might be telling the truth. As per the logical setup of things, the fight should have been between Crawford and Pacquiao.
But, Arum is a person with a big hold on the boxing circles; he is also very smart and knowledgeable. He took a fancy to Jeff Horn and wanted to promote him since he saw some spark in him. Introducing Horn in a fight in the US might not have been the right course of action.
Therefore, he decided to gift Australia a fight that they had never conducted. In so doing, he did an unknown Horn a favor by providing him an opportunity to fame.
Furthermore, he also provided Pacquiao a chance to make some easy money before the big confrontation. It is also a fact that the champion is a busy Senator and may not fight for long.
However, Pacquiao has not allowed anything to slow him down; aging, busy work or lack of time. But, then Crawford too is unbeaten and some observers cast aspersions on Pacquiao’s willingness to fight him.
There is also the surprise announcement that Pacquiao will fight his next fight outside US.
Is Bob Arum deliberately avoiding Crawford?
Is that why his future venues are in the Middle East, Russia and Britain?
These and many more questions are doing the rounds of the boxing circles.
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Umrao Singh

Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Wednesday, 11 January 2017