Caloocan cop nabbed for extortion. CITF team sets the trap after complaint. Intelligence cop demanded bribe to fix documents.

Extortion to be checked.

PICS: Freeimages

PICS: Freeimages


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In many parts of the world, the cops often misuse their official powers to amass illegal wealth. This statement is all the more true for the Filipinos since the community as a whole engaged in grabbing what they could.

Moreover, it is not just a Filipino trait; all over the world human avarice is corrupting officials. In addition, there is a very thin line between official duties and corruption.

Once you taste the blood of corruption, there is no going back. Therefore, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has task forces that conducts anti-corruption test checks and nab those gone astray.

Hence, Wednesday saw another errant cop entrapped by the ant-rogue cop task force. They caught the cop red-handed in Caloocan City was caught in the act of extortion.

Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF).

The war of drugs having reached a decisive stage, the government of the Philippines is concentrating elsewhere. Corruption in public life is also a cancer that runs quite deep in the Philippines.

Elimination of corruption in public life is one of President Duterte’s election promises. His phase is set up with the creation of a Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF). Even though created only last month, the CITF received more than 2000 complaints against errant officials.

Citizens, who are concerned with the moral fabric of the country, come forward and complain. These complaints have culminated in more than 5 arrests till now.

Such a citizen who approached the CITF and lodged a complaint. It seems that he had applied for a firearms license.
Unfortunately, he did not have all the documents that were required under the process of gaining a license.

Sonny Pacleb, P.O. 1 was serving in the intelligence wing of the PNP at Caloocan City. He was required to grant clearance to the applicants for licenses after following the due process of verifications. Since, there was a shortcoming in the documents of the applicant illegal gratification was demanded.

Therefore, the corrupt cop asked the applicant to pay P1000 for fixing the shortcomings. They struck a deal and the applicant left the PNP office promising to pick up the money and pay Pacleb.

But, instead of proceeding to get the money, he went straight to the office of the CITF to lodge a complaint. Taking prompt action, the CITF officials coordinated their operation and sent the decoy complainant to pay the bribe.

They caught Pacleb red-handed and arrested him in the premises of the PNP office. Timely complaint and swift action resulted in the apprehension of the dishonest culprit. They anti-rogue task force then whisked Pacleb away to the PNP headquarters at Camp Crame.

On arrival at Camp Crame, Senior Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo, Commander of the CITF addressed newsmen. He explained the sequence of events that led to the apprehension of the corrupt official.

He went on to stress that the corrupt cop was demanding bribes by pointing out shortcomings in the documentation. Malayo exhorted the general public not to hesitate in lodging complaints regarding such corruption.

Furthermore, he also reminded one and all that there were two help-lines for the lodging of complaints to the CITF.

These numbers are:
• 0995 795 2569 for Global subscribers, and
• 0998 970 2286 for Smart-phone subscribers.

Therefore, it was time for all Filipinos to join hands and strengthen the efforts of the government.

After all, these steps were in pursuance of President Duterte’s poll promises to the masses of the nation.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Thursday, 23 February 2017