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Crown Towers Manila wins big::Adding designs to the City of Dreams – 2 awards

Crown Towers Manila bags two awards for design. pics courtesy Crown Towers website For most of

FOOD: Mom’s or Grandma’s Best Dish?

What is your favorite dish that your mom or grandma made/makes? Tell us, we love to

FOOD: 10 amazing restaurants in Filippines

In a country like the Philippines with its very well developed Tourism industry, a number of


  Dear Philippine Pride  readers here is some machines that harvest natures candy. Enjoy All the


  5 SPICE PORK, 4 portions Ingredients: free-range pork shoulder, rump, leg or tummy 600g, reduced right into

Five super foods that can prevent cancer

Cancer is a often-fatal disease that starts at the core of the human i.e. in the

After Fake Rice, Fake Bihon Spotted in Davao

Months after controversial news of fake rice has emerged, a Barangay Captain from Davao City has

14 Secrets of Rambutan You May Not Know

Rambutan is one of the most unique fruits the Earth can offer according to primitive Asians.

Chinese Authorities Seizes 100,000 Tons of 40-Year Old Expired Meat

Another food scandal news rocked China after authorities confiscated 100,000 of expired meat while waiting to

SM Calamba Charges Customer P2,852.05 for a Pack of Onions

A Calamba shopper almost paid P2,852.05 for a pack of onions that costs under P50 on

Top 10 Ways on How Chinese Products are Poisoning the World

On November 2013, a Chinese consumer organization warned Chinese parents to not to let children put

McDonalds Minion Toys Allegedly Says “Fvck You” to Customers

Minions are getting the spotlight again after several McDonalds customers in the United States complained that

Jollibee Speaks About “Jay Bee”, Delivery Guy Incident

Jollibee released a statement following the rage of netizens regarding the alleged “Jay Bee”, who boasted

Lawyers: Guy Who Brags over Getting Free Food from Jollibee Could Face Multiple Criminal Charges

Lawyers said the Jollibee Foods Corporation could file fraud related charges and obstruction of business against

Jealous Malaysian Chef Says Philippine Cuisine is Worst

A number of netizens lambasted the popular Malaysian chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, aka Chef Wan for

This is How China Celebrate the Thanksgiving Day

China | While US and other English-speaking part of the world are putting roasted turkeys on tables

Lambanog Gets Gold in World Selection of Spirits and Liquors 2015

05/24/2014 – Manila | The world is reminded once again that the Philippines has more to

Philippines is the Most Alcoholic Country with Plenty of Drunkards

Don’t let Wikipedia fool you when you don’t see the Philippines on its lists of most

Emperador is the World’s Best Selling Brandy

Selling Emperador Brandy may not be the big reason why Andrew Tan of Emperador Distillers is

“Kinilaw” Makes History at International Food Summit

02/08/2015 – Manila | Two Filipino chefs introduced “kinilaw” to the world and making history for