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Illegal practice, Fake treatment. Authored the book pH miracle; treatment at pH ranch. Popularized by Kate Hudson and other celebrities.

Convicted for illegal practice of medicine. . * * * * * * * * *

Saudi Prince executed for murder :: Had shot a friend during dispute in 2012

Prince executed for 2012 shooting The Kingdom of Saudi is known for its harsh and strict

Does President Duterte require monitoring? Can he be trusted to maintain relationships?

Does President Duterte require monitoring? And, will he agree to the dictates? The election of Mayor

Meralco cuts domestic tariff :: Third month in a row

Meralco reduces domestic tariff. Pics courtesy: wikipedia There is good news for the consumers as far

Zika Virus is quite misleading:: Infecting millions in the Americas

Infecting millions in the Americas The WHO representative, Ubial also mentioned that it was still not

Zika Virus arrives in Philippines:: Infects pregnant woman in Cebu and 12 others

Zika Virus is now in the Philippines Photo courtesy: pixabay and shutterstock This world is becoming

Duterte to critics of capital punishment ‘What if there’s no God?’

Duterte is not a man to mince his words no matter who is involved. His startled

Help! We’re endangered – 2 Come forward and assist these critically endangered species

HAWKSBILL SEA TURTLE – Critically endangered. Photo courtesy; Wikipedia The population explosion in the human race

Senator EXHORTS government: Save Mary Jane Veloso: Please do not give up!

Man lives on hope, so does Mary Jane Veloso and her family considering that the lamp

RELIGION: Saint Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad, Part 2

Saint Maria Hesselblad – 2nd part. Conversion By then, the twentieth century had begun and she

RELIGION: Saint Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad

Six centuries later, Sweden has another Saint. Every religion has been made with the purpose of


Hi readers of The Philippine Pride Just want to show some strange clips of mysterious beings

GMA Journalist Hit by a Reckless Jeepney Driver

GMA journalist and “News To Go” co-anchor Howie Severino has been hit by a Jeepney and

Marcos-Duterte in 2016: Is the Solid North and Solid South a Winning Tandem?

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has been traveling the whole country recently promoting his “Federalism”

TESDA Offers 29 Online Courses for Free with Trade Test and Certification

People who have day jobs and wanted to explore other career options can now study online

Top Ten Funny Filipino Look Alikes

Take a break and have a laugh with these Filipino look alike photos. The following photos

Americans vs. Filipinos: Who is smarter?

I stumbled into this video and I thought this worth a little time to think about.