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PH tops Asian Export growth in last seven years. Beats India, South Korea and China by large margin. Foreign investments, structural reforms boost GDP.

The Philippines tops in export. * * * * * * * * * * *

North Korean missile test fails. New engine which can be repurposed to missiles. North Korea celebrates the success of its missile tests.

Missile failure. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

China recognizes Filipino ownership of Benham Rise. Chinese spokesperson praises Duterte’s response. We welcome and commend friendly response.

China recognizes Filipino ownership. * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chinese eyes on Benham Rise. Underwater landmass is rich in minerals. Proved by UN as part of the Philippines since 2012.

Benham Rise cannot be claimed by the Philippines. * * * * * * * *

Bandits strike again? 3 Indonesians missing. Kidnappings not yet confirmed by authorities. Crew-less boat found with engines running.

Is it the bandits? * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chinese nationals question legality of probe. File affidavit to claim constitutional guarantees. DOJ functioned as complainant, investigator and Judge.

Chinese illegal aliens seek redressal of rights abuses. * * * * * * * *

Subic fishermen protest fishing ban at Panatag lagoon :: Marine sanctuary planned at disputed shoal

Panatag lagoon to be a marine sanctuary. The road to smooth and trouble-free governance has always

Philippines fifth in Gold production in Asia :: 91% of Gold is produced by six Asian Countries

Gold is the precious metal that continues to hold its own in all seasons and scenarios;

PH proposes China to lead economic development :: Regional countries expected to cooperate

China to lead economic cooperation in the region. President Rodrigo Duterte is a person who can

China’s UnionPay chip card :: Conquering the Asia-Pacific

Chip card payment solutions. The benefits of international cooperation between China and its regional neighbors of

Are the US – PH ties still firm? Will US intervene militarily, if China attacks?

US – PH ties are undergoing a testing time. Relationships that have been continuing since a

Has China left Scarborough Shoal? US and PH to confirm

Scarborough shoal A result that was a distant dream for the Filipino fishermen and the hope

The Japan visit :: Tirade against the US continues – Foolish and silly: says Duterte

Japan visit is for economic issues. The President of the Philippines is a driven man; rather,

The China visit and the storm :: P700 billion investments promised by China

China visit brings investments. While President Duterte was on his exploratory state visit to the newly-formed

Reconfiguring alliances – Alliance self-serving :: Duterte on China visit

China visit is a turning point Consistency of approach has always been the hallmark of the

Carpo advices Duterte; please do not make irresponsible statements in public.

Carpo advices Duterte to refrain from irresponsible statements in public. How long will the nation keep

Japan lagging behind in missile race – Pt 2 North Korea leads arms race

North Korea leads arms race. PICS COURTESY PIXABAY/SHUTTERSTOCK Pyongyang’s Arsenal Moreover, the North Korean missiles have

North Korea leaves Japan behind in missile race – Part 1

North Korea is way ahead of Japan in missile race. PICS COURTESY PIXABAY/SHUTTERSTOCK The arms race

Military defies Duterte on war games? Contradictions galore in policies!

Military announces dates for combat exercises. The goings-on in the Philippines are a bit confusing to

UN seems unable to comprehend: Ernesto Abella

The presidential Palace of the President of the Philippines, Malacanang, which had been maintaining a stoic

Bombing of Davao City: Your move, Rody!

The Bombing of Davao City by the AbuSayyaf Group, or one of its allies, has upped

Duterte last resort for Veloso: Duped into carrying drugs

Mary Jane Veloso, is a 31 year old Filipino woman whose life is hanging by a

Kidnappings continue: 3 Malaysian fishermen in Sabah waters kidnapped

  3 Malaysian fishermen in Sabah waters kidnapped The seas in South Asia are on the

MNLF secures release of Abu Sayyaf captives

A Norwegian, 3 Malasians and 2 Filipinos released-MNLF The situation of insurgency in Southern Philippines is