International Cooperation Archive

Earth Hour celebrated to fight climate change. Plant More Trees. Take up solid waste management. LIGHTS SWITCHED FOR EARTH HOUR AMIDST GAIETY AND FANFARE.

Earth Hour celebrated worldwide. * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another big investment by Japan. P14.5 billion being invested by 3 firms. Thousands of jobs being created in the Philippines.

Japan investing again. * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Temporary military constructions permitted. Reiterating faith in EDCA. No war material; only disaster relief equipment says Lorenzano.

Military constructions under EDCA to store disaster relief material only. * * * * * *

Japan to provide 1 Trillion Yen. Investments and ODA over five years.

Japan offers help. * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PH needs to expand circle of allies: Russia. World powers show interest in strategic partnerships. Russia offers reliable and unconditional, close friendship.

Russia offers friendship. * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PH proposes China to lead economic development :: Regional countries expected to cooperate

China to lead economic cooperation in the region. President Rodrigo Duterte is a person who can

Trump targets Filipino illegals :: Up to 4 million Pinoys without documents

illegals to be deported It is a protest that is picking up steam slowly but surely!

Travel advisory issued by US Embassy :: Risk of kidnappings in south Cebu

Kidnappings likely in Cebu The souring of the long-term alliance between the United States and the

Are the US – PH ties still firm? Will US intervene militarily, if China attacks?

US – PH ties are undergoing a testing time. Relationships that have been continuing since a

The Japan visit :: Tirade against the US continues – Foolish and silly: says Duterte

Japan visit is for economic issues. The President of the Philippines is a driven man; rather,

The China visit and the storm :: P700 billion investments promised by China

China visit brings investments. While President Duterte was on his exploratory state visit to the newly-formed

Reconfiguring alliances – Alliance self-serving :: Duterte on China visit

China visit is a turning point Consistency of approach has always been the hallmark of the

Are the US, EU investors rethinking? Will they move away?

Will the US, EU investors move away? Is China dependable? The Philippines are on a path

China builds Drugs rehabilitation center in Philippines :: Duterte thanks while warning US and EU

China helps Philippines in the war on drugs. Strange are the bed fellows that international diplomacy

North Korea displays military planes. New airport to boost tourism

Everything that North Korea does draws the express attention of a million plus agencies with a

Spain investing on PH infrastructure: Special emphasis on rail projects

Spain constructed the first Railways network more than two centuries ago. Hence, not surprisingly, they still