China not keen on stopping drugs supplies to PH. Allies should stop supplies at source: Ejercito. Target high-profile drug lords for greater impact.

China should stop smugglers.

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The interaction between China and the Philippines has reflected the traditional rivalry, mistrust and caution. In spite of the friendly overtures that both countries have indulged in, friendship does not have any future here.
This anomaly is apparent to all but it took a bold lawmaker from the Philippines to point out that all is not as it seems. Everyone knows that Chinese gangs have been at the forefront of the distribution of drugs in the Philippines.
Once President Duterte took on the Chinese government with an unprecedented offer of friendship, things did change. But, the Chinese government did not take any action in preventing Chinese gangs from operating in the Philippines.
Hence, Senator JV Ejercito issued a statement that China was deliberately looking the other way in the matter of drug peddling from its shores. This was akin to Opium smuggling about three centuries ago. Foreign traders led by British smugglers carried Opium to China during the 18th century.
But, now that the shoe was on the other foot, China hardly paid attention to the problem of the Filipinos. Even the fact that the war on illegal drugs was in full swing, China was giving aid and building hospitals instead of attacking at the core.
Here again, the sincerity of the Chinese government was in doubt since they could really put an end to the drug peddling gangs. This was the main reason that the supply of illegal drugs was continuing unabated.
Ejercito demanded that the government interact with the Chinese government to put an end to this damaging situation. We must engage the Chinese government to come forward and display its sincerity and commitment to help out its new friend.
If necessary, a joint taskforce can be set up to get results immediately. Moreover, intensive joint patrolling and attacks on drug peddlers can fetch results in curbing the illegal operators.
The Chinese authorities can effectively seal off the supply chain at its source if they were a genuine ally.
Ejercito cited an instance pertaining to the passage of more than 6 quintals of Shabu last May. The consignment valued at P6.4 billion slipped through customs creating a furor. Congress caused several investigations to be conducted.
Consequently, Ejercito demanded that the government concentrate on bringing highly placed drug runners to book. Advanced surveillance and interception techniques need to be adopted to prevent the drugs entering our shores, he said.
Therefore, he exhorted the government to shift the strategy of tackling the small peddlers operating from the streets. The emphasis should be to target the major suppliers so that the impact is felt.
Thus, the target should be high-profile drug lords to make some difference each time a raid takes place, Ejercito said.
Ejercito, who is one of the staunch supporters of President Duterte, thiks that w should handcuff drug lords publicly and lead them to the jail.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Friday, September 08, 2017