Unbecoming conduct by De Lima, Trillanes? Both Senators made Matobato leave hearing without informing: Report of house committees.

Misconduct committed by Senators.

PICS Courtesy: Rappler.com and gmanetwork.com

PICS Courtesy: Rappler.com and gmanetwork.com

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For Senator Leila de Lima nothing seems to be working right now; such is the time that she is undergoing. Now, she has been accused of unparliamentary conduct along with Senator Antonio Trillanes by a house panel probing alleged extrajudicial killings.

Two Senate Committees had a hearing on October 3:
• Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, and
• Justice and Human Rights.

The Chairman of the Justice Committee Senator Richard Gordon leveled an allegation of concealing material facts regarding Edgar Matobato who is a self-professed assassin. This resulted in a clash and she rushed out of the official hearing.

A page of 86 words was presented by the investigators and it was pointed out that, she being the invitee of Matobato should have apprised the joint committee about his kidnapping leading to the charge. It is also accused that MatoBato had come to this hearing but was allowed by Trillanes to leave the quietly.

This invited a charge of lack of integrity; but, the background story was that Matobato had been coached to ensure that the President was framed. The age old allegation of ordering the Davao Death Squads to massacre people was sought to be established by Matobato.

This was part of his testimony claiming to himself be a member of the Davao Death Squads and having personal knowledge of Duterte, then Mayor, ordering the deaths of his enemies and criminals.

On the contrary, it was alleged that the exit of de Lima and Matobato was a planned ruse to get rid of a witness who was about to lie to the committees; in effect, it was only to protect a witness who was on the verge of getting embroiled in a falsehood from where it would have been difficult to extricate himself.

It was clear that the NBI had a solid case against him; hence the disappearance of Matobato and de Lima before things could get really bad, said the report while asserting that both Senator Antonio Trillanes and Senator Leila de Lima had acted against the interests of justice and had contravened all norms of parliamentary conduct.

Thus, the report continued, both the Senators had made themselves liable for misconduct violating the integrity of the Senate.

Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
www.thephilippinepride.com Thursday, 08 December 2016