Cone has the Philippine Cup in sight. Ginebra qualify for finals clash with San Miguel. Most accomplished coach of the PBA.

Finals of the Philippine Cup begins.

PICS: and wikipedia.

PICS: and wikipedia.

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Tim Cone, the coach of Ginebra must be hopping around in anticipated excitement. The reason is not far to see.

The distinguished coach with one of the best records in Filipino Basketball history was agog and raring to go. His team Ginebra won its Game 7 against Star that propelled them into the finals.

The Finals will be played in the best-of-seven format with a clear chance to win the cherished Philippine Cup. And, the most celebrated coach is again in sight of a title that is the pinnacle in the Philippines.

In addition, the 59 year old American, Earl Timothy Cone, a professional coach, is one of the most successful coaches. They consider him as the greatest PBA coach.

He adopts the triangular offence pattern in his game play and his achievements (courtesy Wikipedia) are as under:

• 19× PBA champion (1991 Third Conference, 1994 Governors’, 1995 Governors’, 1996 All-Filipino, 1996 Commissioner’s, 1996 Governors’, 1997 Governors’ 1998 All-Filipino, 1998 Commissioner’s, 2000 All-Filipino, 2003 Invitational, 2007 Fiesta, 2010 Fiesta, 2012 Commissioner’s, 2013 Governors’, 2014 Philippine, 2014 Commissioner’s, 2014 Governors’, 2016 Governors’)
• 2× Grand Slam champion (1996, 2014)
• 3× PBA Coach of the Year (1994, 1996, 2014)
• 7× PBA All-Star Game Head Coach (1992, 1994, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014).

Consequently, for an achiever of this kind, people would say that he has seen it all but the Philippine Cup is always special. Moreover, there is nothing above winning the All-Filipino Conference as it was called before 2004.

In addition, in spite of winning the Philippine Cup on four earlier occasions, he still remains fiercely committed to the game and to his team Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

Such is the awesome power of victory we keep coming back he says on twitter.

Winning the best-of-seven finals of the Philippine is the coveted dream of all the Coaches and teams. While not downplaying other championships, Cone explained that winning the Philippine Cup makes you the best team, he says.

Foreign players of repute heavily fortify the conferences these days. That is the way you win these import-laced conferences. While utilizing their talents to fill up the gaps, they can be a source of inspiration to their teammates.

In addition, this penchant to pick up just the right man to fit into the team is an art which Cone has perfected. This talent does half the job of the coach since he has only to harness their strengths.

The better-known exploits in this department are:
 Justin Brownlee for Ginebra recently,
 Sean Chambers for Alaska,
 Marqus Blakely and Denzel Bowles for Purefoods.

Thus, the next requirement is to polish their game so that their weaknesses are less prominent. Tim Cone mastered these qualities quite early in his career and never looked back.

However, Cone does not believe in hogging the limelight alone. He tells his boys that it is only their talents that are the reason for winning. He also exhorts them to greater heights by telling them that they really are the best.

Cone continuously reminds them that they are best 15 without any doubt and they deserve the crown jewel of Basketball. He keeps motivating them that the Philippine Cup is the one that they want to win more than any other.

The stage is now set for the Final clash between Ginebra and the San Miguel Beer Team that has been dominating the Basketball courts in the Philippines for the past two seasons while still going strong.

The finals clashes being on Friday to decide the issue in a best- of-7 match fixture.

Update – The first match
San Miguel are now one up having won yesterday’s game.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Saturday, 25 February 2017