Daredevil Captain sacrifices life to save colleague. Highest ranked officer to lose life. President Duterte visits hero’s mortal remains.

Daredevil lives up to his name.

PICS: GMA and Inquirer.net

PICS: GMA and Inquirer.net

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The terrorists, who had attacked and taken control of Marawi City in May, are now awaiting their impending death. Entrenched in their havens they must be praying for a miracle since their faith has propelled them to this situation.
For them, it is commitment that they made to their religion and race. All that their elders and religious leaders taught them was culminating in this horrid end. But, they claimed victory of their faith on religious grounds; it was not death but martyrdom.
On the other hand, a young dashing Army Captain succumbed to the injuries he sustained while flushing out invaders. Also, another soldier laid down his life for his motherland.
People were mourning on both sides while proclaiming that their fighters were martyred. The adversaries were imposing the correctness of their beliefs and their willingness to sacrifice their lives.
Fighting for ejecting the invading marauders, Capt. Rommel Sandoval lost his life on Sunday. He was the company commander of the 11th Scout Ranger Company. He was nicknamed Daredevil. He was also the highest ranking killed during the siege of Marawi City.
Pfc. Sherwin Canapi, who accompanied Capt. Sandoval on this operation, also perished. This took the tally of soldiers killed to about 150 including 44 from the Army Scout Rangers.
The Incident
Attempts to rescue a trapped team leader led to the death of Sandoval and Canapi. He sustained serious injuries and lay trapped within a building; the hidden Islamic State militants waited in readiness.
Capt. Sandoval could not leave one of his men in such a condition; they launched an offensive under cover fire. As soon as the soldiers entered the building to rescue the team-leader, a volley of gunfire brought them down.
In fact, the troops reported that the ruthless Maute terrorists shot the team-leader even after he got injured.
The Army airlifted his mortal remains to Manila where the President will pay his last respects in a ceremonial parade. The fallen hero had issued his last command shortly before he barged into the enemy positions.
He ordered his troops to provide cover fire to allow him to rescue his wounded colleague. A shot in the cheek while they were fighting killed him on the spot.
Canapi was known for his artistic talents; he was an accomplished painter. His multifarious skills included the following:
• Printing T shirts,
• Writing Lyrics of songs, and
• Participating in sports activities.
The Philippinepride.com mourns the supreme sacrifice of its patriotic soldiers.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Thursday, September 14, 2017