Don’t fret before the interview – Go prepared. Be yourself – Not a put-up personality. No two Interviews are the same.

Interview may be an unnerving experience.

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We are all quite familiar with the feeling that grips us and some other members of our family, whenever there is a test, exam or interview; this fever is like no other.
Trying to seek admission for your infant to his first school?
That is the first expedition that you have to undertake especially if the school is a renowned one. But, you will have to restart your education first and impart it adequately to your loving child.
That feeling continues throughout the scholastic career of the progeny and keeps recurring quite often during each year.
if the student is good at studies. This fear of the results is not so pronounced.
But, if the student is average or below par, these anxieties may make life quite complicated for all concerned.
1. REMOVE THE ROOT CAUSE: The ideal situation would be that neither the candidate nor his near and dear ones take tension.
While ideal situations do not generally exist due to reasons beyond our control, the next best thing would be to reach a position in your preparation where the cause of tension is obviated.

Options are not many so you have to take the straightforward road; gear up to meet the challenge head on.

But, it is easier said than done.

2. KNOW YOURSELF: I remember one employee who was not quite bright though he landed the job due to his high qualifications. His main job was to answer queries by his higher-ups.

But, he was aware of his shortcomings; so, he would just write down all queries and instructions on a bunch of papers. After the call, he would read it again and react. He perfected this art and came up trumps.

So, a wise guy knows his shortcomings and a wiser guy acts to clean up his act.

3. KEEP DOING IT: The above example also points to the rehearsal part of the preparation. You may not be bright but you can perfect your act through sheer repetition.

This strategy pays off almost all the time provided your aim is clear to you and you pursue it sincerely.

4. TAKE MOCK INTERVIEWS: It is always a good idea to take mock interviews which are conducted by many institutions, agencies and some NGOs.
As stated above, repetition and practice are what you require, the more the better. It will remove mind-blocks, misconceptions and increase your familiarity with the subject matter as well as the trends of interviews.

Try to go for both quantity and quality; you never know what new things you will learn from someone.
5. MIND AND BODY COORDINATION: To make a favorable impression in an interview, it is essential to make a positive impression on the interviewers.
It is not the subject matter alone which decides whether you are fit for the job on offer. Apart from your qualifications, they will consider other aspects that give you a well rounded personality.

After all, it is “Survival of the fittest”. There are other yardsticks like:
• Your mannerisms,
• The way you manage your body,
• The way you conduct yourself,
• Your communication, interpersonal and organizing skills, and
• The balance, the speed and the rationality of your responses.
6. STAY POSITIVE: The final attribute that will catapult your chances are a positive and outgoing demeanor.

7. AND, REMEMBER: Remain unhurried, clear and precise in your well processed answers. In case you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to clarify because any hiring is a two-way affair.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Thursday, April 13, 2017