Duterte orders all-out war against reds! Use all your weapons to eliminate them. 4 policemen massacred in ambush; back-channel talks still on.

Its waragainst the reds.

PICS: Freeimages.com

PICS: Freeimages.com

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The end of the problems of the nation with regards to terrorism by the Communists is nowhere in sight. The masses are also beginning to wonder whether there is any solution possible.
Everybody knows the keenness of the President to arrive at any solution that will provide some relief to the nation. But, even President Duterte is fed up of trying to please the reds who are taking undue advantage.
While the government wants peace, the communists are trying to prolong the confrontation for pecuniary gains. The so-called benefactors of ther masses are themselves prolonging the sufferings and killings.
The government gave them a long rope but their activities are a veritable pain; falsehoods and delaying tactics ensure that their extortions and loot continues. In effect, there is nothing that the seniors can do; they are helpless at the hands of the violent juniors.
Moreover, the killing of soldiers in Davao del Sur recently was the last straw; four police officers perished. Consequently, the President decided that enough was enough.
On Thursday, he ordered the beginning of a war against the murderous hordes of the NPA guerillas. Even while he issued these instructions, the negotiators on both sides were holding secret parleys in Europe. They were trying to somehow salvage what little chances of peace there were.
The President terminated the ceasefire due to the outrageous ambush by the NPA guerillas even as a truce was in force. Duterte’s logic was that, since there was no truce in sight, the troops should continue their routine actions.
It was almost like an emotional knee-jerk reaction on witnessing the slain policemen’s dead bodies. He declared that he could not restrain the military and police any further.
In fact, he intended to allow them to use all the tools at their disposal. They could use all sorts of weapons including aircraft, rockets, jets, tanks etc to defeat the rebels. He regretted that such an incident took place.
There will be no holding back henceforth, he said. The war could go on for another 50 years irrespective of civilian fatalities which were regrettable. In the recent ambush, the police personnel were only doing their duties when they massacred them.
However, he warned the security personnel to be careful since casualties will occur on both sides. He exhorted the security forces to take extreme steps to eliminate the rebels.
The Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella admitted in Manila that the future of the talks was in jeopardy. The NPA guerillas will not refrain from attacking the security forces while that was the first demand of the government.
Since peace was the demand of all, the expectation from the reds was that their responses would be more convincing.
Delfin Lorenzana, the Defense Secretary disclosed that the back channel talks are to begin in Europe shortly. Jesus Dureza, the chief Presidential negotiator had proceeded for the talks on Tuesday.
However, communist negotiators had departed for Europe a day later. Wilma Tiamzon and Vicente Ladlad, the couple will lead the back channel parleys representing the reds.
The military authorities mentioned that, development can take place if there was peace. Hence, they welcomed this news since it was a ray of hope. These back channel talks are the result of a petition by more than 100 congressmen.
The President relented even though he was not in the mood to agree; he had laid down some conditions earlier. Concurrently, Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno issued instructions to the PNP to go on an all-out offensive against the rebels.
He demanded swift action and promised to help the bereaved families as best he could.
The ferocity
The ambush meticulously planned by the guerillas, caught the policemen unawares. They were rushing in response to a call for help; the ambush was set up just 100 yards from their destination.
PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa was shocked at the intensity of the massacre. The rebels showed their darkest side by shooting the police personnel many times in the head.
He was aghast at the gruesome deaths while decrying the futility of carrying on fruitless talks with the guerillas. However, he only hoped that the reds would show some sincerity this time.
Since dela Rosa worked in this area earlier, he was aware that the guerillas blew up the killed enemies with hand grenades.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Friday, 10 March 2017