Duterte ratifies Paris Agreement. Climate Change is top priority for all Filipinos. 30% reduction in greenhouse gases till 2030.

Paris Agreement signed.

PICS: Freeimages.com

PICS: Freeimages.com

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The impact of climate change on the planet Earth is the topic that has the attention of the world leaders and scientists. The race to save the planet’s environment is by itself the biggest and weirdest drama at its every meeting. All sorts of funny episodes take place with some country or the other raking up objections and putting forth arguments.

The countries like the United States who are the largest culprits refuse to take responsibility for contributing to the fight against global warming.

President Duterte who also had some objections finally signed on the dotted line. In effect, he ratified the Paris Agreement which imposed restrictions on harmful emissions. Various progressive steps for the sake of controlling greenhouse gasses under the climate control regime.

Consequently, The Climate Change Commission (CCC) was the first to acknowledge this progressive step. It means that the Philippines would now be making efforts to cap greenhouse gas emissions and protect climate. Since, Philippines is one of the countries that are in the vulnerable list, they need to adopt steps to prevent global warming.

This signals the advent of steps to safeguard the environment and improve the quality of life in the Philippines. Emmanuel de Guzman Secretary of the Climate Change Commission welcomed the ratification.

Moreover, it signified that this subject is in the list of top priorities of the government since the quality of life is involved. Thus, the nation is moving towards climate justice to the poorest of the poor.

The Filipino delegation had negotiated for a climate goal of 1.5-degrees in the long drawn out Paris negotiations and succeeded. Hence, it was a matter of jubilation for the concerned commission and its managers.

This also displays the importance that the government places on providing the best and healthiest environment for the masses.

In addition to the signing by the President, the Paris Agreement needs to be concurred by the Senate. As such, the Senate will consider the agreement this afternoon, said Senator Loren Legarda.

The Paris Agreement envisages the reduction by 70% of the harmful greenhouse emissions before 2030. The President held back its ratification since he was not very confident whether it was possible.

The astronomical costs of reducing greenhouse emissions can be astronomical for a poor country like the Philippines.
As a result, the Philippines will have to spend massive amounts of money to really get anywhere near the goal. In the overall scheme of things, it looked almost impossible to the government.

After all, huge investments were required to reduce the harmful emissions that pollute the environment and the Ozone layer.

Hence, in the negotiations, the Filipinos managed to get the nod for reducing the temperatures by 1.5%. That was the threshold for hope a since it was a realistic, possible goal, De Guzman said.

This ratification also signified the willingness of the government to make an earnest attempt in the right direction, he said. This may require enhanced effort by the Climate Change Commission but we are equal to the task, he said.

The principles enunciated under the Paris Agreement are indeed highly beneficial to the environment and should be encouraged, he said.

He had very high praise for Senator Loren Legarda, UN Global Champion for Resilience. She had been maintaining a high level of advocacy and commitment to the cause of global warming.

The government on last Jan 31st had formed the Climate Change Commission. Legarda being an expert on climate was the natural choice for Chairman.
She had kept up her advocacy of the benefits of fighting climate change and the result is there with the government ratifying it.

Out of the 197 countries that were in attendance at the Paris negotiations, 133 had ratified it till now. The negotiations were conducted under the UN Framework Convention.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Wednesday, 01 March 2017