Duterte rebukes United Nations Rapporteur. Callamard’s tweet angered President. See for yourself before commenting.

Rapporteur angers Duterte.

PICS Courtesy: Rappler.com and Inquirer.net

PICS Courtesy: Rappler.com and Inquirer.net

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In the chaotic times ruled by a volatile, outspoken but shrewd President, people are too dynamic to be controlled. The poverty of the nation led to its people adopting any means that they could to make life as comfortable as they could.
In the absence of any adequate policing and owing to shoddy, uncaring governance, things went from bad to worse. Drug-peddling became an acceptable trade due to the returns that it gave.
Agnes Callamard, does not like Duterte or his way of functioning; Duterte as we all know, loves dare, antagonize, insult and infuriate his detractors. The top similarity between the two adversaries is the mutual hatred that they seem to be harboring for each other.
The antagonism and its intensity are match each other punch to punch. Agnes Callamard, a French diplomat functioning as a Rapporteur at the United Nations has a biased view of the War on Drugs.
She entered into unsustainable allegations against President Duterte and avoids backing up her claims with proof. On Duterte’s challenge to visit the Philippines to authenticate her allegations, she shies away on some diplomatic pretext.
On August 26, she tweeted her condolences on the untimely demise of Kian Loyd delos Santos but included an irritant by saying that make it the last.
This utterance had an igniting effect and President Duterte rebuked her. In his typically challenging diatribe, he blasted Callamard for refusal to have a public debate with him on the Filipino war on drugs.
Please come here and discuss it if you want to make those statements, he exhorted her. In his angry tirade, he even cast an impromptu aspersion on the French justice beliefs.
He claimed that the Philippines did not assume a person guilty unless the charges against him were proved. However, he asserted that, in France, a person was guilty till proved innocent.
This caused the furor that invited rebuttals from French authorities.
It was true that the policemen had conducted a fake encounter and made it look like a raid on drug peddlers. However, they did not contend for the CCTV cameras and eyewitnesses who spilled the beans.
There was condemnation from all quarters including from the Senators from the opposition parties.
However, Malacanang stressed on the importance of human rights by the current administration. But, it would have been in the fitness of protocol if Callamard had coordinated with the government before coming.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Saturday, September 02, 2017