Facebook to the rescue of OFW. She was harassed and starved by female employer. Department of Labor, POLO and OWWA help.

Practical use of Facebook.

PICS: Wikipedia

PICS: Wikipedia

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Facebook is a household name with small children to octogenarians all grabbing space in this awesome social media platform. It is more than an important part of our daily lives; it dominates the time of most people.

It is difficult to document all the uses to which we subject it on a daily and continuous basis. From selling to buying to advertizing is only one miniscule portion of the activities on Facebook.

You may not believe it, but it manifested itself as a useful tool even in the warzone. In fact, it played the role of a savior to this Filipino woman who underwent constant abuse by her employer.

Josalyn Ombe is a 35 year old Filipino who was ill treated by her employer who is also female. The OFW was a household worker in Jordan Amman in the employ of one Ahmed Saleem Marashdeh of Madaba Amman.

Since she was unable to bear the repeated degradation and physical abuse, she resorted to facebook posts detailing her suffering. This eventually led to her rescue by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (Polo) office in Jordan.

Consequently, the officials of POLO rescued her after learning of her plight. They not only went to her rescue, they are also sheltering her while they contemplate the future course of action.

How it began

The poor offshore worker from Manila reached Jordan through an employment agency called World Class Inc. last November. But, to her dismay she suffered severe abuses and humiliation by her employer.

In addition, the inhuman treatment inflicted by Ahmed Saleem Marashdeh extended to starving the hapless home worker.

When there was nowhere to go, she approached a tabloid named Abante. This tabloid highlighted her miserable state through a publication earlier this month.

Since, she could not take it anymore; she followed it up with a plea to come to her rescue.

Finally, her fervent appeal got the attention that she was so desperately seeking.

Therefore, the Officials of POLO taking prompt action, swung into motion to get her out of her distress.

Ombe is now relieved and the POLO officials are exploring the possibility of seeking compensation for her suffering. Meanwhile, they are guarding her person and providing her the required support.

The Labor attaché Florenda Hererra stated that the likely suit against the employer and others was getting prepared.

Furthermore, the Department of Labor and employment issued a statement informed that they were also active elsewhere. In fact, they provided financial assistance to another Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who had expired recently.

Silvestre Bello III, the Secretary Labor took the aid package and delivered it to the mother of a deceased OFW.

The victim Felma Dalupang Maramag had perished in a fire at her employer’s residence.

But, the cause of death did not appear to be the fire. In fact, the fire was supposedly a cover for something sinister. The body of Felma Dalupang Maramag bore several bruise marks.

Moreover, her skull had stab marks that had split due to the high impact. The Department of labor flew the mortal remains of the OFW to Tuguegarao City for the burial on Tuesday.

Labor department authorities are yet to decide / announce the future course of action pertaining to compensation claims.

The Department of Labor paid the following amounts in the case:

• P220,000 as a scholarship for her daughter Angelica, plus assistance from the government; the scholarship was drawn from Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA),
• An amount of P50,000 contributed by the recruiter, and
• P500,000 from her Life insurance policy.

OWWA is making efforts to ensure the release of savings of Felma from her account; the amount was P200,000.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Sunday, 26 February 2017