Family witnesses shark attack on daughter. Surfing at Wylie Beach in Western Australia. Teenager perishes due to loss of limb.

Shark attack in Esperance town.

PICS Courtesy: Getty images and

PICS Courtesy: Getty images and

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Authorities reported earlier today that a 17-year-old girl perished in the Western Australian city of Esperance. Australia’s southwest coast, witnessed the horror of a shark attack on a teenager who had gone to the beach with her family.
The incident occurred near Wylie bay late in the afternoon yesterday when the 17 year old was surfing along with her father. She had gone to the beach for surfing along with her whole family.
While the victim and the father chose to surf at a little distance from each other, the killer shark stuck. On hearing her scream, her father turned around only to see her being pulled down by the shark.
However, her mother and two younger sisters who chose to stay on the beach witnessed the horrific incident. While her father rushed in her direction to help, the mother informed the emergency services to apprise them of the incident.

However, when the hapless girl resurfaced, her father paddled over to her and assisted her towards the shore. But, the badly mauled girl was bleeding profusely due to the loss of a leg. The rescuers and her father pulled her out.

Consequently, the emergency staff rushed the semi conscious teenager to a hospital in Esperance, a town on the Western Australian coast. However, the loss of a large amount of blood due to the amputated leg resulted in the unfortunate teenager’s death.

The unfortunate family was shell shocked since they had witnessed the whole gory incident played out before their very eyes.

The Western Australian newspaper reported that her father and another teenager guided the unfortunate girl to the shore.
Laeticia Brouwer was a huge fan of surfing; her family derives satisfaction that she died doing what she loved most.

Furthermore, the Esperance Police Department also sent her condolence through a tweet. They offered their condolences to the family and friends of the bereaved quoting the devastating circumstances.

In addition, they urged the citizens to remain out of the water till officials provided clearance.

As is customary after a shark attack, the authorities declared the Esperance beach closed for the public until further orders. Thus, Wylie beach will wear a deserted look for some time till the administration investigates the incident.

The fisheries department will patrol the beaches to investigate and keep away people on Tuesday as per The Esperance Express.

Shark attacks

Though, attacks by sharks are not very frequent, they are severe enough to cause death in most cases.
Thus, in October 2014, two great whites bit off a man’s right hand and left arm. The man can consider himself lucky since he survived the attack at Wylie Bay.

Even as recently as last year two shark attacks took place in Western Australian beaches. Two people lost their lives in attacks by sharks.

In the first incident during May-June 2016, a man, 29, perished at Falcon Beach near Mandurah in a shark attack. The other incident was fatal too; the shark attacked a 60 year old woman who died.

Moreover, experts indicate that the increase in water sports is one of the reasons for the increase in the attacks.
Consequently, bait fish are able to get easier targets without much effort. Therefore, they move nearer to these beaches that have a human presence almost round the clock.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Tuesday, April 18, 2017