Filipino debut Director wins award at Singapore International film festival. Exploration of gay love bags major prize.

Debut Director wins award at Singapore film festival.

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PR Patindol is a happy young man and is now a celebrity in his own rights. He has dared and won an international film award. On December 3, his film Hilom bagged the Youth Jury Award.

The victory came at the Silver Screen Awards which ran along with the Singapore International Film Festival.

It was a surprise that his film on intimate sexual interactions had impressed the top critics of the film fraternity.

“Hilom” is about human inclinations, preferences and the choices that we make in our preferred way of living. It is the result of perseverance and belief in the subject from an upcoming enterprising young man.

He could make a difference since the he nurtured the idea and took his own time in allowing it to mature. What he got was a just reward for his daring to dream and following it up over time.

The intimate and quite taboo subject explores the sexuality and practice of homosexual love. The result is for all to see.

How it started

A camera operator and cinematographer by profession, PR Patindol, 30 years has been with different productions. Since, he was on the fringes of the film industry; he kept hobnobbing with the idea of writing a screenplay.

In fact, he has been toying with this idea since the last six years. As a student at the Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film Institute, he took up writing but kept it aside. The urge returned in 2012 but, after working on it he kept aside the drafts.

His writing had not matured enough into a sound script.

Finally, last year saw him go back to the drafts and carve it into the shape of a short film. The result was that he had come up with a winner though he did not realize it then.

A lot of introspection and the support and help of many colleagues and friends materialized to ready Hilom for shooting. He describes it as a film that is deeply personal.

Furthermore, he was content to be the person to make a film that was quite satisfying. He was on cloud nine when his film got an entry to the Singapore Film Festival.

His excitement knew no bounds on learning of his film’s screening at the awards.

The real shocker came when his film got the award that he never expected even in his wildest dreams. The excitement of the participation multiplied manifold when they announced the award.

He was in the limelight and considers it a big honor to win an international film award. Moreover, it was just his debut as a Director.

This director had arrived on the international scene though he admits that he had the help of his friends. He attributes the major portion of his success to his friends whose contribution he appreciates.

As for credits, he is unequivocal about the hard work of the entire Hilom team for completing the film. He dedicates the success of the film to his cast and crew who are like a family to him.

The tireless, back-breaking work completed the film in time due to their wholehearted efforts at all times, he says.

The storyline

The story has twin brothers exploring the budding sexuality amidst the changes taking place in their bodies. Their journey is an interaction between them to understand about sexuality and identity.

They help each other grow up while overlooking the taboo nature of their relationship.

The critics gave the film highest acclaim and praised the fresh perspective and insight shown by the director. That this subject is taboo in the regional communities makes it a unique and bold approach.

The depiction of homosexual love may widen the understanding of the South East Asian people, critic Elizah Poe said. The jurors of the awards also approached a stunned Patindol to show their appreciation after the function.

He was content to receive the appreciation of the experts. Furthermore, he was happy that his honest depiction of an unspeakable subject is discussed more widely now.

The young audience simply loved the film and its rendition.

It also prompted a juror to promise to see more of his movies in future.

He expressed his determination to develop more such honest works to the people in future.

In conclusion, he asserted that human stories need telling honestly and openly to impact people.

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Umrao singh
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson