Fireworks ban a thumping success:: PNP Chief – Health Department receives fewer medical emergencies. Night patrolling and official monitors do the trick.

Ban on fireworks successful.

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A nation can never move ahead unless its people are disciplined and caring in carrying out their civic responsibilities. That requirement fulfilled, it is the duty of the government to lead the way and introduce or enforce favorable policies.

It is not just crime or drugs that are the only ills to avoid. There are other activities that need controlling to make your nation, province or city a better place to live.

An initiative that caused much unwanted fallouts is fireworks. It not only creates sound and noise pollution, the amount of garbage produced is massive. The public sources are not able to effectively handle the trash that accumulates in every street of the region.

The biggest is the problem of injuries that these fireworks cause to the revelers. Particularly vulnerable are the children who are not so careful in their approach. One small error of judgment is enough to cause an injury that may or may not be serious.

Consequently, some local governments, the department of health, Non-Governmental organizations and religious leaders made a beginning to curb this menace. Every festival saw a majority of the public indulge in bursting of crackers.

But, some good Samaritans of society will curb this trend. Religious leaders joined the initiative taken by these organizations to minimize the harmful effects of using fireworks to celebrate.

The initiative resulted in fewer cases of injuries due to fireworks and firearms. In fact, the reduced incidents also earned the Philippine National Police Director-General Ronald Dela Rosa’s appreciation.

In a message at the end of the festive season, he congratulated all the concerned parties. The PNP Chief hailed the initiative as a resounding success.

This holiday season did something that will go a long way in gradually reducing the hazards of injuries during celebrations. The number of medical emergencies in this festive season was quite low as compared to the figures of previous years.

This result was quite pleasing since the medical emergencies put a strain on the health system and the police.

The report by the Department of Health informed that firecracker related incidents were down by 60%.This was as compared to the average figures of the previous five years and showed a marked improvement.

As a result, the changed mindset of the general public was responsible for this visible change. However, the credit should go to all the agencies that contributed to this change.

The attitude of the communities ensured that the indiscriminate firing of guns did not take place. The enhanced awareness also obviated the use of illegal firecrackers.

This ensured that the peace of the residential areas was not shattered as frequently as in previous years.

Moreover, it also translated into more peaceful working for the personnel of the health services and police.

He congratulated all concerned for rising to the occasion in a matter of great importance to the common public.

Till the morning of 1st January, only one person died of bullet injuries in Metro Manila.

However, around the country, only nine other cases of bullet injuries were registered. This was quite an achievement from earlier years.
The arrangements on a nationwide basis and patrols organized between 5 PM on 31st December and early morning on the 1st of January. In addition, the administration deputed officials occupying administrative positions to monitor the situation.

The leaders have long mulled this progressive step and so also, the religious community heads for a long time. Now, the provincial governments have also taken the initiative further by introducing legislation to ban fireworks and firearms.

This step came about after a consensus resulted from the discussions to ban illegal fireworks during the celebrations. The legislation provided for banning certain specified fireworks while totally banning firearms.

Carriage of illegal firearms also invited arrest.

As a result, strict enforcement saw 15 people arrested for discharging firearms illegally. A policeman and a soldier are part of this lot. However, 4 other policemen were among 13 others who escaped evading arrest.

Illegal possession of arms and use / sale of prohibited firecrackers resulted in the arrest of 18 civilians. Seven more civilians are at large.

Injuries due to firecrackers injured more than 120 people while a majority was from Metro Manila.

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Umrao singh

Monday, January 02, 2017

Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson