I was a hitman for DDS: Lascanas. We killed Duterte’s political and personal foes. We presented the captured before Duterte before killing.

Former DDS hitman surfaces. libingan_ng_mga_bayani

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The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte has the support of the millions of patriotic Filipinos for the task on hand. His is one of the most unenviable jobs in the world; he has to cleanse the public life if his motherland. A motherland that bears the brunt of all the negative forces be they natural or man-made.
While it is well-known fact that the Philippines is the target of many forms of natural disasters, it is also true that the materialistic pursuits of its citizens have seen all sorts of questionable activities to flourish in the nation.
On the one side we have drugs, corruption and crime making deep inroads into the public morality. On the other hand, it is the Islamists, the UN and other detractors hounding the President continuously.
Cumulatively, he has his hands full with all sorts of worries about running the nation and removing negative influences.
I do not know how he must be getting sleep; some rumors say that he doesn’t.
In addition, he has the ombudsman and multiple allegations to make his life totally miserable. But, the determined crusader tarries on.
The prime allegation
However, the prime allegation that keeps hounding him time and again is his involvement with the Davao Death Squads. This subject would fall into the allegations category since no one has been able to categorically prove anything.
When an agency of the status of the UN could not establish anything, how can a lesser entity achieve any success?
In continuation of the oft-repeated allegations, another matter is brewing up currently. The President admitted on Monday that he did know Arturo Lascanas, retired SPO 3. This is quite significant since Lascanas had accused Duterte of orchestrating the Davao Death Squads (DDS).
Furthermore, he had accused President Duterte of ordering the termination of political foes also along with criminals. But, he clarified that he only saw him once or twice in a year while he was Mayor of Davao City.
However, the testimony of Lascanas has not been consistent. Last year he had denied the existence of the Davao Death Squads (DDS). But, last week he came back with a rebuttal and made the accusations against the former Mayor.
This prompted the President to quip that Lascanas may come up with another version, so unreliable he was. He suggested this in reply to a question in an interview in Malacanang on Monday.
In fact, to another pointed question about whether he was worried since the Senate hearing was coming up on March 7th, the President replied that a large number of people had perished at the hands of the Davao Death Squads (DDS).
Furthermore, these incidents happened over a period of 23 years; no doubt, they somebody killed them.
No doubt, he had ordered the police to target criminals; in fact, he was saying the same even now. We even pay the policemen to track and kill the drug traffickers; money changes hands in these transactions.
Consequently, he said that he would not deny giving money to the policemen. In fact, it was official procedure to provide secret funds to intelligence and police functionaries.
The informants and witnesses require inducing with money; otherwise, it is difficult to gather intelligence. The command conferences for operating expenses provided money to the policemen to motivate informers.
Hired to kill
The former cop submitted a 12-page affidavit to the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs on Monday. Sen. Panfilo Lacson chaired the committee, in which the recant came from the witness.
Lascanas explained that they targeted and killed drug peddlers, addicts, and hardcore criminals committing hold-ups, kidnappings and extortion.
He went on to allege that the Mayor then asked them to target his political and personal foes. This made them his hired killers, he said.
In addition, Lascanas claimed that he teamed up with NPA elements to gun down Jun Pala in 2003. Moreover, they would sometimes present the captured criminals before the Mayor before exterminating them.
A video and a journal, depicting the DDS operations made by Lascanas is available for the committee to peruse said Trillanes.
Meanwhile, the Philippines National Police (PNP) chief stated that they were investigating the claims.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Tuesday, 28 February 2017