China applauds US help to Philippines. U S Special Forces assisting in Marawi operations . Terrorism is a mankind’s common enemy.

China supports US role.

Pics courtesy and abs-cbn

Pics courtesy and abs-cbn

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It may sound strange to some quarters but the Chinese government supports the US support to the Philippines. It stated that it was happy that the Filipinos had the backing of the US Army though not physically.

The Chinese spokesperson expressed the favorable reaction of the Chinese government that United States Special Forces were providing strategic support.

The feeling was one of satisfaction since terrorism is the common enemy and needs joint tackling. The Chinese foreign ministry fully supports the anti-terror operations in Marawi and appreciated the role of the US.

It was a good gesture by an ally needs the understanding of the international community at large. US Special Forces provided support to Filipino troops in their fight to dislodge Islamist guerrillas from Malawi.

The siege of large parts of the town in southern Philippines started on May 23 and is nearly over. The Moros allege that AFP tried to arrest Insilon Hapilon, a popular Communist leader. The terrorists tried to resist but could not stave off the AFP.

Consequently, the Islamic State called for reinforcements and laid siege to the sleepy town. Marawi is a predominately Muslim town and that compounded the situation.

On Saturday, the US embassy announced that Special Forces had been assisting the Filipino troops in the bloody operations. Eyewitnesses report that Marawi town suffered heavy damage due to the fighting.

Chinese foreign-ministry spokesman Lu Kang told a regular press briefing that China fully understands that terrorism is a common scourge. Hence, a common front needs to be put up against it.

China is a firm supporter of President Duterte and his country’s struggle against the terrorists. Moreover, China also understands US Special Forces assisting the Philippines in their fight against the Islamists.

It is a fact that the Islamic State, after the reverses elsewhere, seeks to set up a base in the Philippines. The predominately Muslim population with long standing grouses against the government is the ideal recruitment platform.

Thus, the Islamic State has found a readymade recruitment ground with trained and frustrated Islamists. It’s like finding a precious treasure bounty just waiting to for exploitation.

It was not a voluntary remark; Lu was replying to the question from a newspaper journalist. However, the reply was loud clear; China supports the anti terror operations, Lu said.

He supported the efforts of the international community in helping the Philippines fight off the marauders. Therefore, the US is aiding its ally in preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Lu said.

Thus, they were helping a fellow nation to assert its will and ensuring its territorial integrity.

However, the Philippines have a declared policy of avoiding over-dependence on the United States. Still, US is an old ally of the Philippines.

However, the recent interactions with Russia and China have widened the scope of cooperation with these nations. There were some tensions in the initial stages but Duterte was able to perform the balancing act.

Thus, President Duterte has asserted himself diplomatically but the Moros, Maute and other Islamists are a different proposition.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, June 12, 2017