Israel develops medium range missile interceptor. Security shield available. Shoots down Russian-made missile in Syria.

Interceptor of medium range developed.



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The world is a place full of disputes and ongoing controversy with no holds barred. There is no end to fighting and war with some disputes raised to the level of crusades with no solution. This is much truer where religious fanatics are involved.

Consequently, each side tries to come up with newer strategies and weaponry intended to cause maximum damage. That is why the arms race continues unabated.

One of the most notorious enmities that is continuing traditionally is the war between the Israelis and the Islamists. The reasons for hatred that exist between the two religions are justifiable by both sides.

And, the flashpoint is in the Middle East where Israeli Jews could get their own nation after a protracted struggle.

But, is spite of all the might of the Islamists in the neighborhood, Israel is able to hold its own. Backed by the US and committed to retaliate with might, Israel is a force to reckon with.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Israel has come up with a lethal addition to their missile systems. Announced by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, it is a devastating weapon and fills a gap.

The complete inventory

Strategically, it is a medium-range interceptor that will serve a very vital role. Israel has thus achieved a viable response to all types of missiles since it already had the other variants.
Thus, the Israelis now have the following interceptors in their armory:
1. The long range Arrow missile system,
2. The short range Iron Dome interceptor and now,
3. The “David’s Sling” system – a medium-range interceptor.

Therefore, Netanyahu warned that all those who sought to banish the Jews should think twice before launching missiles.

The Israeli government had arranged a formal ceremony to mark the proud moment in their history of preparedness. Thus, he handed over to the Israeli Air Force, the weaponry that was missing from their arsenal.

Needless to say, the United States had assisted in the development of this interceptor. With this, they have achieved a completeness to safeguard against all the ranges of missiles.

Our citizens, our cities and all our assets are now relatively safer with the counter-striking capabilities. The commissioning ceremony was an occasion with much fanfare and gaiety.

He clearly indicated the capability of the latest addition to the missile defenses by describing its counteroffensive capabilities.

Hence, whoever launches a missile will get its back in kind with enhanced force.

The Hatzor air force base in central Israel was the venue for this occasion. The ironic name given to the medium-range missile is David’s Sling signifying the duel between David and Goliath. It gets its name from the slingshot that brought down the massive Goliath of the Philistine.

It was developed by a joint collaboration between the US company Raytheon and
Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and US Company Raytheon jointly developed David’s Sling.

It is a fact that its Islamist enemies with Iran in the background surround Israel.

The most violent of them is the Lebanese Hezbollah; they fought a bloody war in 2006. Hezbollah’s capability in missile warfare is quite well-known.

Conservative estimates suggest that Hezbollah are equipped with about 125,000 missiles. Most of these missiles are of the Medium range and the Short range variety capable of striking Israel.

They also hold hundreds of long range missiles; long range and medium range able to hit Tel Aviv.
Another immediate neighbor, Palestine has got as running feud that refuses to settle down.

There have also been skirmishes last month with the Syrians; Israel shot down a Russian SA 5 missile. However, Israel keeps attacking suspected deliveries of sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah.

In addition, after striking down the SA 5 missile with an Arrow Interceptor, Israeli Defense Minister issued a stern warning. He threatened that, if such attacks took place again, the Israelis will destroy their missile systems.

Missiles keep coming from the Gaza strip; it is the hardliners opposed to the Hamas, the ruling party of Palestine. However, Israel logically blames it on Hamas and retaliates against Palestinian installations with renewed force.

Netanyahu suggested that Iran wants to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel. However, it claims that its nuclear program was purely for peaceful purposes. They keep reiterating the defensive intent of their missiles.

Iran did conduct a Ballistic Missile test on 29th January resulting in fresh sanctions by Donald trump’s administration.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Monday, April 03, 2017