Israel likely to close down Al Jazeera. Bureau chief denies and counters allegations. Action against channel following Arab move.

Israel may follow Arab action.



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The gulf countries are not really in a state of peaceful coexistence. At the bottom of the matter are ideological differences in their approach towards terrorism.

The moderate governments of the Gulf States are unhappy with Qatar for their open support to violent extremists. Hence, the Sunni Muslim countries are incensed with Qatar and seek to isolate it.

Consequently, in order to control the violent elements closer to home, there is a joint effort by the regional nations.
Also accused of supporting the terrorist outfits is the Al Jazeera channel that popularizes the hardcore marauders.

Therefore, Al-Jazeera’s local establishments have been wound up in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the complete infrastructure of the Al Jazeera channel remains blocked in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

This covers the entire gamut of the channel including it’s affiliate sites. Furthermore, this effort by the Arabs also encouraged the Israeli government to follow suit.

Thus, Israel is also initiating similar action to close down the operations of the channel. Al Jazeera has since long been a thorn in the Israeli flesh through its offensive propaganda.

Muslims and Jews are traditional enemies and Israel blames Al Jazeera for biased coverage malicious towards the Jews. In a Monday statement, Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Defense Minister likened their propaganda to that of Nazi Germany.

It was outright hate and religious incitement. Therefore, the Israeli government feels that they should avail this opportunity too. Once and for all, the Israelis will rid themselves of the perennial nuisance of Al Jazeera.

Hence, a series of meetings is likely to stop the operations of the channel that propagates terrorism. A Tuesday report by The Yediot Ahronot daily mentioned a meeting of Israeli officials on this subject.

Israel has borne the brunt of biased and malicious attacks for too long. Hence, it stands to gain the silence of an adversary by joining the other advisories in putting this one down.

However, no clarification came from the office of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Their opinion

However, the statement from the Al Jazeera channel was exactly opposite of these allegations. Not only did they refute the allegations against the channel, they countered them in kind.

In effect, Al-Jazeera’s local bureau chief, Walid Omary accused the Israeli government of incitement. He rejected the allegations against his channel.

Omary also delivered a veiled threat by mentioning the legal issues that might crop up. Furthermore, he also seemed to bring up Israeli commitment to the freedom of the press.

He also mentioned that Al Jazeera was the only Arab channel that projected Israeli leaders and their opinions.

This way, we allow Israeli opinions to reach the Arab public without any vetting or censorship, Omary added.

Moreover, we have not received any notice or ultimatum from any authority till now.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Thursday, June 15, 2017