Kabacan town declares a state of calamity. The Rats have invaded the granary of North Cotabato. Crops worth 25 million eaten last year

Rats spreading fast, destroying crops.

PICS Courtesy: Bing.com

PICS Courtesy: Bing.com

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The infestation and the damage caused by the rat population can assume dangerous proportions. Wherever there is no rodent control, they multiply at an alarming rate. In their millions, they can consume whole granaries.

The officials of the town of Kabacan found that they had allowed the problem get out of hand. This forced them to declare a state of calamity. Their lack of alertness had cost the town an amount exceeding P12 million. That this happened in a matter of two months is no surprise for people who know the rodents.

Kabacan municipal disaster risk-reduction and management council’s David Saure informed about the situation. The town has 24 Barangays out of which 9 had seen this invasion by rats. The phenomenon attracted wide attention since October two months ago.

The whole community is gearing up to fight the menace of the rat population that is devastating the crops. The rodents have not even spared the crops still growing in the fields in the area.

An urgent meeting held on Friday that the Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol attended, took stock of the situation. He went to North Cotabato on Friday to the farmers of Barangay Kitub in Alamada town to hold a strategic meeting.

He assured the farmers of the area that the government will provide assistance to the farmers after a proper assessment of the damages.

Consequently, Pinol distributed certain important agricultural supplies and implements to farmers. Moreover, the community got a mechanized tiller and a tractor for the use of the community in the barangay.

Furthermore, experts opine that it is just a matter of time before the problem starts spreading. In the light of this observation, the situation warrants action on a war footing.

The Kabacan town and its vicinity is the granary of the North Catobato region. In spite of local efforts, the rat population has multiplied.

The fact remains that the total annihilation of more than 500 hectares of crops cannot be ignored. It is important to realize that the families of about 500 farmers have had their crops destroyed.

The Kabacan town has a mix of Christians and Muslims in the community. The Kabacan municipal social welfare office explained that the problem started with a few barangays but spread soon. They are Dagupan, Kilagasan Cuyapon, Pisan, Katidtuan, Lower Paatan, Upper Paatan, Malamote, and Aringay.
As can be seen, even while we write this, the process of their reproduction continues unabated. It is now spreading to nearby districts in the region.

The losses are ongoing and the estimates for last year’s losses stood at P25 million, says the local government.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson www.thephilippinepride.com