A million surrenders? Awesome! PNP report for last six months. 32% reduction in crime; 18% increase in murders

Surrenders touch one million.

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

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The last six months have been some of the most eventful and chaotic. It centered on a determined administrator who had made up his mind to change the way this nation works.

The crux of the problem was that everyone was making merry and taking his share of the loot. It was every man to himself to grab his share of pound of flesh, the nation’s concerns forgotten.

But, the incoming President had such impeccable credentials that all the people decided to give him a helping hand. His reputation as an able administrator with an iron fist is folklore in the Philippines.

Consequently, when he promised to eradicate crime, stop drug-running within three months, the whole nation believed him. They rose as one and offered him their support in the millions.

In addition, they also took it upon themselves to serve as self appointed vigilantes to eradicate the lawless.

More noteworthy was the fact that even residents of the Muslim dominated regions also cast votes in the millions.
As a result, he won with a record margin of votes.

Even before he could take oath as the President, the vigilantes had started the task that he wanted to achieve.

In his warnings and threats to the criminals, the do-gooders saw a license to kill. It is these utterances that gave his detractors an opportunity to blame him of responsibility for the deaths.

The present

The Philippines national police (PNP) readily took up the project to cleanse the public life in the nation.

Codenamed Double Barrel Alpha, the project saw police conducting over 40, 000 sorties from July 1 to December 31.
2167 people perished in the operations while over 43,000 suffered arrests.

Furthermore, the people who voluntarily surrendered to the police have breached the one million mark. Observers proclaimed this as an indicator that the war on drugs is a thumping success.

Martin Andanar, the Presidential Communications secretary also said as much. He reiterated that the war on illegal drugs was proceeding on the right lines.

The PNP and other agencies actively assess the performance of their projects periodically. While the statistics might be inaccurate, the real impact on the ground is quite visible.

Maintaining the intensified campaign effectively brought down the crime rate in such a short period by more than 30%. The PNP had published a report recently carrying these figures.

The report also mentioned the flip side which shows murders increased by 18% but that was a fact.

That is why the President had expressed his satisfaction and commended the efforts of the PNP. His approval also indicates that the goals that he had set are not far.

The following categories of crime saw a reduction in the incidents of crime:
1. Rapes,
2. Physical assaults,
3. Carjacking,
4. Thefts, and
5. Robberies.
Consequently, the general public had a better sense of safety while venturing out at night. The cooperation between the public and the government agencies has resulted into the improvement of the environment within six months.
The fear psychosis that took hold of the peddlers and consumers of illegal drugs took control and ensured this success.
Thus, Andanar stated that the direction as set by President Duterte had found proper implementation. The Oplan Tokhang program envisaged that PNP personnel would visit known suspects and warn them to rectify their ways. In its pursuit, police personnel visited almost 6 million houses and warned the suspects.
The second phase of this ongoing war on illegal drugs provides for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The detractors of President Duterte’s war on drugs never took note of this beneficial aspect of the campaign.

Towards this end, the President and his supporters are putting up rehabilitation facilities at various places. Even China has provided a massive facility for rehabilitating drug addicts.

The President also inaugurated a massive facility in Fort Magasaysay at Nueva Ecija to push the rehabilitation.
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Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
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