NATO bolstering its presence in Europe Russian activities cause security concerns. Permanent presence of troops envisaged.

NATO spreading across Europe.

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Why does the US keep seeing the ghosts of war in every nook and corner of the world? The lopsided uni-polarity of the world order and the economic dominance of the United States keep it on its toes. If it is not chasing real enemies, it goes up conjured ghosts as it did in Iraq to vanquish Saddam.

But, this kind of vindictive actions only makes the opposition more alert. They may not be able to match the firepower of the US, they certainly keep trying.

United States is focusing its attention in Eastern Europe and its sights are on Russia as an adversary. In this context, there have been certain movements of US and NATO troops and hardware to various destinations.

The US is bolstering the presence of its troops and equipment in the interest of a possible Russian aggression. Shiploads of military hardware including howitzers, battle Tanks and other war material are moving towards strategic positions.

One consignment arrived in northern Germany on the way to its storage facilities for convenient deployment as required. In addition, a contingent of 3500 troops is also moving to the designated positions.

The 4th Infantry Division from Colorado is on the way with 3500 of its troops to rendezvous with the equipment. The scheduled program is to take over the equipment in a fortnight.

The mobilization is under Operation Atlantic Resolve and aims to install US forces in Europe over a longer term. The combat troops of the armored brigade will stay there for a period of nine months.

Germany will serve as the headquarters for control of all movements and operations. The initial set up will start with stationing and consolidation in Poland.

NATO plans to station its troops at various strategic locations in seven countries. NATO envisages deployment stretching from Bulgaria to Estonia giving them a longitudinal hold over the length of Europe.

The recent spurt in Russian activities in the region provides reasons to NATO to augment its presence across Europe.

Consequently, this is a preemptive action by NATO to avoid any surprises.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Saturday, 07 January 2017