NO TALKS: The government toughens stand. Troop reinforcements for last ditch battle. Deaths of civilians and military cannot be overlooked.

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The religious and political leaders of Maranao appealed to the President to end the siege of Marawi. Towards this end, pleaded that President Rodrigo Duterte engage in talks with the Maute groups and avoid further deaths.

Nothing can be more unfortunate for the Pinoys who lost precious lives due to Moro terrorists.
Will the Islamic State withdraw from the Philippines?

Will the Abu Sayyaf bandits give up their murderous campaign?

Will the victims not turn in their graves at the lack of accountability for their deaths?

What is the guarantee that the terrorists will return the few hostages alive?

For how long will this dynamic nation pacify and crawl before the treacherous marauders who have no scruples?
To end the years of suffering at the hands of these killers, someone needs to put his foot down.

Someone needs to say enough!

A whole nation cannot crawl before a handful of killers for decades on end.

That is why President Rodrigo Duterte rejected the offer of Maranao leaders.

His refusal to negotiate with Maute and Abu Sayyaf terrorists holed up in Marawi City reflects the stand of the Duterte regime.

for an The military has sent more troops to Marawi after President Rodrigo Duterte rejected the offer of Maranao religious and political leaders to negotiate with Maute and Abu Sayyaf terrorists holed up in the city for an end to the crisis.

Furthermore, the augmentation of the government forces has started anew. The government added troops from Iloilo city to the existing strength to prepare for the final assault.

The government realizes that this situation warrants proper handling since the future of terrorism is at stake. The Islamic State (IS) jihadist group is fighting to establish an enclave in southern Philippines.

The President is adamant since there has been more than 325 killed including about 250 terrorists. And, it is not as if any solution is in sight. The Islamic State is looking to extract the maximum mileage from the siege.

Moreover, their main aim is impressing the Moro multitudes into following them. A victory in Marawi would establish the Islamic State firmly in the Muslim majority areas of southern Philippines.

For the government to show lenience at this stage would mean according recognition to the IS.

It is difficult to forgive the deaths of so many soldiers and civilians so easily, President Duterte
thundered.Therefore, the Martial Law will not be removed till normalcy is restored in Marawi.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Monday, June 19, 2017