NPA snatches guns from Iloilo Police Station. NDF had just announced cessation of hostilities. 12 firearms including 8 high-power guns taken away.

Iloilo attack opportunistic.

PICS: CNNPHILIPPNES and Philippines star

PICS: CNNPHILIPPNES and Philippines star

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The New People’s Army (NPA) attacked a Police Station in Iloilo City on the morning of Sunday. What is surprising is that this attack was quite contrary to the instructions of the NDF combine asking NPA to refrain from attacking the government forces. Hence, it is puzzling that this attack came even as they announced their good intentions.
One fails to understand as to what the reds gained by this attack. The attack happened immediately after the reds got directions to refrain from attacking the security forces.
More than 40 NPA activists attacked a police station in Iloilo City on the morning of Sunday that. In the raid, the NPA rebels succeeded in snatching away 12 firearms including 8 high power rifles.
Ernesto Abella, Presidential Spokesperson said in a Palace briefing that in spite of this affront the President is calm. He has not withdrawn from the ongoing peace talks, Abella announced on Tuesday morning from Malacanang, the Presidential Palace.
Furthermore, the Presidential spokesperson described the daring attack as opportunistic. While the NDF declaration came on Saturday, the government reacted positively on Sunday.
Abella stressed that, even though the attack was not in Mindanao, it reeked of opportunism. Abella followed up this observation with the oftentimes repeated exhortation that the communists show sincerity in the peace talks.
Moreover, Abella reiterated that the government expected the NDF to ensure that they keep their words. This was essential to achieve long term peace and develop mutual trust between the two sides.
Abella reminded the reds that the peace talks slated for 27th May were dropped due to non-compliance by the rebels.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Tuesday, June 20, 2017