Pacquiao camp confident of quick win. Pacquiao to fight Jeff Horn at Brisbane on July 2. Fight against Amir Khan later this year.

Pacquiao fights Jeff Horn.

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It does come as a surprise that the insiders are able to make reasonable assessment of fights beforehand. But then, the best calculations may fail defying all arguments and logic.

Moreover, each camp maintains a positive and encouraging front to keep the morale of the camp high. Therefore, it was not surprising that Manny Pacquiao’s camp exuded an air of confidence. His camp expected Pacquiao to make short work of his opponent in double quick time, they stated on Thursday.

Pacquiao is the favorite to win the fight against unbeaten Australian Jeff Horn when they meet in Brisbane on July 2. Therefore, their sights and plans are set for the foreseeable future following the bout.

They are already looking forward to a higher profile matchup against Amir Khan, the British boxer.

Pacquiao is the world champion and is going strong at 38 in spite of his busy schedule as a congressman. The fight will take place in Manila on July 2 against Jeff Horn of Australia.

The lesser-known Australian at 29 years of age, junior by 9 years and may upset the applecart. But, the Pacquiao camp dismisses this eventuality as mere wishful thinking.

While the negotiations took a long time, this announcement finally set to rest any uncertainty about whether the bout will materialize. Moreover, it seems that Pacquiao was not very keen to fight the relatively unknown opponent.
The promoters for Pacquiao were pursuing a bout with a better known Khan. The effort also included a bigger purse; hence, the aging boxer wanted to only pick up lucrative fights.

And, he deserves to get a better deal since he is the winner of world titles though the eight weight classes differed. Capping a classy career with insignificant

The bout with the British boxer fell through for the Filipino champion. Consequently, the offer from the promoters of Jeff Horn came up again.

The reason for the bout with Khan not materializing was the holy month of Ramadan since Amir could not fight. Michael Koncz, Advisor to Pacquiao informed Fox Sports channel in an interview in Australia.

It was understandable that The Pacman’s fans and followers wanted a high profile bash up. However, that bout is likely to take place in the year-end 2017 for strategic reasons.

So, they projected this fight as a stop gap arrangement with Pacquiao expected to emerge victorious. It is not as if we are not excited; all other things like training are the same, he said.

Manny is practicing hard and will be in peak condition for the fight in July. This will also equip him to take on Amir Khan later in the year. Though Jeff Horn was not well-known, the fans would have loved it to be Amir Khan.
Koncz elaborated that the Pacquiao bout would be contesting against horn for the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown.

The national hero of the Philippines won the elections for the Senate and took a break last year. However, he could not overlook the lure of the Boxing ring for long.

In his comeback fight against Jessie Vargas, he made short work of his opponent in November last year.

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