Papal laundry for the poor and the homeless. Located in Trastevere tourist district in Rome. Hairdresser, Public Showers etc planned.

Laundry set up by Pope for the poor.

PICS Courtesy: America magazine and

PICS Courtesy: America magazine and

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The generous pontiff continued his welfare measures to help the general public particularly the poor. The Vatican authorities threw open on Monday a facility which would help the poor and the homeless.

Christened The Pope Francis Laundrette, this laundry will provide free services to all the poor. The needy can get their clothes and beddings washed whether they are visitors or local residents.

The launderette does not stand alone as testimony to the benevolence of the Pontiff and the Vatican. The Trastevere tourist district in Rome where this laundry is located is also home to a shelter for the homeless constructed by the Vatican in its tradition of helping the needy and the poor.

Considering the heavy rush that this launderette will be drawing, the Vatican authorities have made elaborate arrangements. Volunteers have taken up the work with enthusiasm and a spirit of public service to the church.

The ultra modern launderette is equipped with:
• 6 washing machines,
• Irons, and
• Driers.

At the head of this ongoing charitable effort is the Papal Charities office. There are elaborate plans for providing many such facilities which will come as a big relief to the needy poor.

In a statement, they informed that they have plans for:
• Public showers for bathing,
• Hairdressers, and
• A wholesale point for distributing essential goods of daily use.

The statement stressed that Pope Francis was particular that the Vatican provide a concrete example for the people. The occasion was the Papal Year of Mercy and the office of the Vatican wanted to excel and please.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Tuesday, April 11, 2017