PNP transfers cop due to brother’s drugs links. Should have reported to the authorities: Police. Two arrested during a buy-bust on Saturday.

PNP investigating cop for brother’s links with dead drug lord.

PICS courtesy

PICS courtesy

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We can never take the job of a policeman lightly. It is one of responsibility and fraught with dangers to self and family. But, this may strictly not apply to the fun-loving people of the Philippines. To an onlooker, it appears that these islands are the best destination for indulging in all the illegal activities.

You have an abundance of drugs; yet we blamed Chinese gangs and criminals for spoiling our future generations.
You can avail the sexual favors of children of both sexes; we blamed it on the poverty.

But, who do we blame when the police themselves start making hay for themselves? Here, I would only say that a closer look will tell you that all police establishments have corrupt elements. Only, it was easier here in the corrupt environment that prevailed. It still prevails, some whispers tell me, and they are doing it in strict secrecy.

Perhaps, it would be wrong to single out the police because, in any case, we cannot rectify them.

The war on illegal drugs has brought out one glaring fact. Everybody who is somebody in the Philippines is making hay for himself. But, that would be an unfair statement. Let’s say that most of the people of some standing are controlling the illegal trades here.

Right down from the likes of Senator Leila de Lima, people are forgetting their morals and making hay for themselves.

However, it does not stop there; it stretches down to the Barangay level officials. Therefore, all the wrong activities flourish in the 7100+ islands. In fact, everyone in this nation has made merry wherever they could.

How can we blame the previous administrations? Those poor guys had more important things than to cleanse the public life.

The changing nation

But, a man called Duterte, who spread his message of fearlessness to his homeland, has initiated the healing process. The masses support him but they also have their own to protect.

Like SPO2 Jeffrrey Diola who was posted in Talisay City in southern Cebu. They transferred Diola from his police station to the Office of the Personnel Holding Admin Unit of the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) in Cebu City.

The allegation against Diola is that he failed to report his brother to the authorities. But, the facts are already on police records. A news report formed the basis for the action.

His brother is a notorious drug runner with all the information about him on police records. Then, why are they making such a big hue and cry about it?

Transfer is not a punishment in any department . Then, why is the PNP making such a big show of it.

Moreover, according to police records of high value targets, Dennis aged 48 is ranked 3rd. Also, Arquillano, 22, is ranked 6th in the same list of Central Visayas.

Why did they rank them if nobody conducted any investigation on them? Even a minor effort to investigate would have revealed that Diola and Dennis were brothers. The officials who ranked them and those who conducted the investigation conducted a sham. They should be taken up for conducting a farce.
Now, just because there is a newspaper report Senior Supt. Eric Noble orders Diola’s relief. Does Noble not know anything about police procedures? It is he who needs to be relieved first.

That is the reason why the whole PNP is in this state. It shows the attitude of the PNP towards important investigations.
The act unbecoming of an investigator should be preferred in this case.

The incident

The police arrested Dennis and Arquillano during a Saturday buy-bust. Dennis was a close lieutenant of Jeffrey Jaguar Diaz , the top drug lord in Central Visayas.

Police neutralized him in a shootout in Las Pinas City in an operation on 17th June. The successful assassination was the joint effort of Las Pinas City, Central Visayas Regional Intelligence Division (RID), and Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG).

Now, the PNP will conduct an investigation against Diola.

The arrest were made in their house buy-bust operation in Sitio Thana, Barangay Tisa in Cebu City on Saturday night. A .38 revolver and shabu worth P27,000 were recovered from the suspects.

In addition, Diola stated that he had advised his brother many times but he did not comply with his request.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson
Monday, 05 June 2017