Poe, De Lima, object to planned daily executions Duterte says that 5 to 6 convicts to be executed daily

Executions to begin soon.

PICS Courtesy: Wikipedia

PICS Courtesy: Wikipedia

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The war on drugs has been running for six months now and thousands perished.

These killings took place mainly in two ways.

The self-appointed vigilantes who were faceless did the first lot to death. They would materialize out of nowhere and just shoot down the victim in cold blood.

In most of the cases, the victims either plied drugs actively or existed in the sidelines of strong suspicion.

The other lot was exterminated by the security forces in their quest to further the cause if the President’s war on drugs. Then came the search and kill raids with a lot of vendettas and personal enmities thrown in.

These followed by the traps and sting operations to draw out those who are well entrenched in their communities. These untouchables have the protection of their local communities.

That is the last part of the initial phase that is drawing to a close.

The first phase is now almost complete.

The next phase that is very crucial to this war against drug peddlers and hardcore gangs is just beginning.

Duterte announced that he had plans to execute about 5 to 6 people per day in the war against drugs. This also referred to criminals on death row.

Reactions have started trickling mainly from the obvious adversaries of the President.

The first is Senator Leila de Lima who is fighting a losing battle in the house investigation against her. Anything to do with the President is her priority. She criticized his wish to eradicate the 3 million addicts, she remarked.

The next objection came from Senator Grace Poe from the previous government. She felt unsettled by his statement. Her objection stemmed from the fact that a proper system needs to be in place.

Sen. Grace Poe had been supportive of the war on drugs during the Presidential campaign. But, she needed a proper judicial arrangement that would cater to the requirements of justice adequately.
The poor people are the victims without adequate protection under the system, she said.

A point well made, no doubt!

The reintroduction of the capital punishment needed proper judicial reforms before imposing it on the people, she said.

De Lima, is meanwhile awarded recognition by a magazine in the United States, the current unhappy detractor of Duterte.

Imagine the irony, when they could not find anything concrete; they came up with Standing up to an extremist leader.

Foreign Policy magazine came up with this award for 100 global personalities dubbed as thinkers; amusing, indeed!

That is politics for you, folks.
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Umrao singh
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson