Political stability top priority for Filipinos. Higher wages, control over inflation and job creation sought. Pulse Asia Survey reveals Filipino aspirations.

Stability is top priority.

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

PICS Courtesy: Freeimages.com

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It is a universal fact that every politician utters it; and, we hear it repeated every now and then. But, it is absolutely true and has universal application. Political stability may mean different things to different people while some may have their own ideas about it.
Since the good of the nation is foremost in his mind, Senator Joel Villanueva too believes in this analogy. It is the basic requirement since no government can function effectively without it.
Conducive environment is absolutely essential, for proper planning of projects, to achieve overall development and improvement in economy. But, it remains a fact that the Philippines has performed favorably in the economic sector.
But, even then, some gaps exist. Welfare measures are not quite enough to boast of a prosperous community.
The following areas still need the attention and support of the government:
• Salary hikes for the employees to match market trends,
• Better creation of jobs to perk up the economy, and
• Controlling inflationary trends.
The above are the major concerns of the Filipino people according to a survey by Pulse Asia. They reflect the ground realities that the common man faces and the aspirations that drive them.
Hence, it becomes imperative for the governing party and its ministers to provide what the public requires. The survey points to the urgent steps that the government and its administration must take up in earnest.
Villanueva, chair of the Senate committee on labor, employment and human resources development stressed that Congress should adopt policies that will focus on these three areas i.e. job generation, job security and social protection.
Villanueva belongs to the majority bloc in the Senate and is known to carry considerable clout in moving legislations..
These steps would require quite a few progressive activities that will result in a raise in the take-home pay of the workers. For this purpose, the administration will have to take up widespread reforms to improve the situation.
We will also need to take up proper progressive income tax re-bracketing and tax reforms. Investors are wary of volatile movements within a nation; hence, the political climate cannot be chaotic.
The survey was conducted over six days between march 15 to 20 and the following conclusions were drawn:
1. 39 percent of the citizens were more concerned with creation of jobs,
2. 43 percent wanted the pay structures to be perked up, and
3. 41 percent wanted better control on inflation.
As to the suggestions offered by those surveyed regarding how to solve these matters of concern, the following was the trend:
1. Reduce poverty,
2. Fight criminality, and
3. Get rid of the corruption in the government sector.
The margin of error that was attributed to these responses was pegged at + or – 3 percent.
Also, the survey covered the responses from 1200 respondents.
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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Wednesday, April 12, 2017