Rodent control program in parts of New York City. $32-million fight to reduce rats by upto 70%. Various strategies including depriving rats of food.

Rodent control measures on a war footing.

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One of the most annoying aspects of urban living is the infestation by rodents and other insects. Households may adopt various strategies to counter the growth of such vermin.

This problem is out of control in larger cities due to the apathy of the residents. Moreover, in most cases, the problem is beyond the capabilities of the civic authorities as well as the residents.

In addition, the problem is not just restricted to cities. Even the rural and agricultural sectors suffer from an invasion by rodents.

The Philippine Pride in an article published on 18th December 2016 had highlighted the problem in Kabacan town declares a state of calamity. The Rats have invaded the granary of North Cotabato. They destroyed Crops worth 25 million last year.
Now, it is the turn of New York City to tackle the massive problem of rats. The situation has reached alarming proportions prompting authorities to lodge a $32 billion offensive.

They intend to implement stringently the rules for garbage management. Furthermore, installation of rodent-proof trash cans will result in culling of thousands of rodents.

The hiding places for the rats include all nooks, crannies, trash bins and dark places at all levels. The rate of reproduction of these rodents is astronomically high.

Last year, a helpline set up in New York City registered about more than 31000 complaints related to rats.

Moreover, even in 1842, English novelist Charles Dickens complained about rodents.
The ambitious plan envisages operations initially in the following areas:
• In Manhattan
a. Lower East side,
b. Chinatown, and
c. The East Village.
• In Brooklyn
a. Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, and
b. Bushwick, and
• In Bronx in Grand Concourse area.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted that the previous efforts were fruitless due to inefficient attempts. Consequently, the problem skyrocketed over the prolonged period, he admitted.

Hence, another desperate attempt seeks to eradicate the menace in a planned manner. In addition, the ongoing extermination will run concurrently, Blasio declared.

The massive operation plans to cull about 70% of the current population of rodents in New York City.

The program will include the following strategies to curb the rats:
• Depriving rodents of food,
• Forcing larger buildings to put out garbage only shortly before trash collection,
• Replacing dirt basement floors with concrete in public housing,
• Purchasing rat-resistant trash cans, and
• Increasing trash collection.

Heavier fines on private businesses that dump garbage illegally seek to act as a deterrent. The minimum fine is $5000 up from $1500.

Multiple valuations invite a maximum penalty of $20,000.

The success of this initiative will mean extending this program to more areas of the city.

Although, there isn’t an established method of counting rats, it is believed that the rat population equals that of humans at 8.4 million. However, this figure is widely disputed.

The program uses baiting extensively in the rat reservoir program introduced in 2015 investing $3 million.

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Umrao Singh
Written for: Lars-Magnus Carlsson.
Thursday, July 13, 2017